The 14 new Cadbury Easter eggs released this year and where you can buy them

Cadbury: How their classic Dairy Milk chocolate is made

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British chocolate manufacturer Cadbury has something for everyone this Easter, with a new range of sweet eggs ready to hit the supermarket shelves. The leading chocolatiers have outdone themselves with a host of new flavours, including Cadbury Oreo white filled eggs and a Dairy Milk Hot Cross Bun Bar. With Easter Sunday just over one month away, the seasonal range won’t last long, but where can you buy these exclusive treats?

What’s in the Cadbury Easter 2022 range?

While Cadbury Dairy Milk is a firm favourite across the UK the seasonal range will leave you spoilt for new flavours to try this Easter.

Included the new line-up you’ll find a mix of Cadbury Mixed Filled Eggs and favourites, such as the Cadbury Dairy Milk Hot Cross Bun Bar, Cadbury Spring Share Box and Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Mini Filled Eggs – but what else is on offer?

Easter eggs

There are plenty of best-selling chocolate bars on offer in the form of large eggs this spring, with a range of nutty and citrus flavourings to choose from.

Cadbury Wispa Gold Hazelnut Thoughtful Gesture Egg (299g)

Taking a new twist on the famous Wispa Gold, Cadbury Wispa Hazelnut Thoughtful Gesture Egg is a delicious combination of aerated chocolate with a layer of hazelnut flavoured caramel.

The egg comes with three Wispa Gold Hazelnut bars and can be found exclusively in Morrisons for just £8.99.

Cadbury Twirl Orange Large Egg (241g)

A new orange flavoured addition to the Easter portfolio, the Cadbury Twirl Orange Large Egg proves that zesty, orange chocolate, is still a firm favourite.

Available nationwide in most leading supermarkets for just £6.00.

Cadbury Daim Heritage Egg (138g)

There’s no sweeter addition to your Easter egg line-up this year than the delicious Cadbury Daim Heritage Egg, and you will find it nationwide for just £3.99.

Cadbury Crème Egg Thoughtful Gesture Egg (275g)

Already an iconic Easter staple, Cadbury Crème Eggs are this year going one step further with the Cadbury Crème Egg Thoughtful Gesture Egg.

You will find this in most leading supermarkets across the UK for just £8.00

Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers Thoughtful Gesture Egg (212g)

Each smooth hollow Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate egg alongside the chocolate fingers comes in a special gifting presentation box complete with a ribbon handle.

Also just £8.00, you will find this on supermarket shelves nationwide.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers Inclusion Egg (547g)

Another take on Dairy Milk Fingers, this crunchy chocolate egg is being exclusively sold in Tesco stores for £12.00.

Cadbury White Thoughtful Gesture Egg (225g)

For the whte chocolate lovers, this Easter egg comes in a special gifting presentation box complete with a ribbon handle.

Exclusively sold in Asda, you can buy this egg for just £8.00.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg With Peter Rabbit Mug (174g)

Joining the bunny family this Easter is the Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg with a Peter Rabbit Mug.

The chocolate egg comes alongside a Beatrix Potter iconic Peter Rabbit mug, all for just £5.99 in Sainsbury’s stores only.

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Mini Eggs

Cadbury Mixed Filled Eggs (191g)

In this abundance of Easter delights you will find two Cadbury Crème Eggs, two Cadbury Caramel Eggs, and one Cadbury Oreo Egg.

Nationwide availability, RRP £3.14 for a five pack of eggs.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Mini Filled Eggs (72g)

Ideal for chocolate orange lovers, the mini filled eggs are perfect to hide in those smaller nooks and crannies – either inside or in your garden.

Sold exclusively in Tesco stores, you can buy a pack for just £1.49.

Cadbury Oreo White (five-pack, 155g)

Cadbury Oreo White Eggs are this year, coming as a 5-pack.

ASDA Exclusive, RRP £2.20.

Share boxes, bars and novelty treats

Cadbury Spring Share Box (450g)

Full of Easter favourites such as Cadbury Crème Eggs, Mini Eggs and Cadbury Dairy Milk and all in a decorative packaging, the share box is sure to be a firm favourite this year.

Nationwide availability, RRP just £5.99.

Cadbury Hot Cross Bun Bar (110g)

The new cinnamon crunch flavoured chocolate is due to become a staple favourite of Easter.

Buy this bar in stores nationwide for just £1.40.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Peter Rabbit Gift Tin (301g)

An ideal gift for the Peter Rabbit fan in your life. The Cadbury Dairy Milk Rabbit Gift Tin contains Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunks, Cadbury Caramel Chunks and Cadbury Chocolate Buttons.

Sold exclusively in Waitrose stores for £6.00.

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