The best value products on your Amazon Wish Lists right now

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Wish lists are for life, not just for Christmas…

And they don’t come much more impressive than Amazon’s Most Wished For page, which gathers all the most popular items from its vast collection in one convenient place.

We’ve combed through your fave products and picked out the best value items, from funky fashion pieces to nifty luggage holders and neat jewellery.

These are our picks for the best value items from Amazon’s Most Wished for page…

Men’s Fashion

Lumberjack jacket

Once upon a time, lumberjacks used to be figures of slight mockery (think of Michael Palin singing about them in Monty Python).

But their bucolic lifestyle is back in fashion, and their aesthetic is cool again – just check out this comfy padded jacket it’s inspired!

Mr. Stream Men’s Padded Lumberjack Jacket

Calvin Klein sweater

Zip sweaters are the definitive smart casual item in a man’s wardrobe and it seems you’re all wishing for them…a lot.

They’re suitable for looking chic at work, looking chill with mates, and looking relatively put together when you’re slumped on the sofa watching your third football match of a lazy Saturday.

Calvin Klein Men’s Zip Golf CK Top Sweater

Cargo trousers

There are two main reasons why you’d wear these green cargo trousers.

First, because you’re doing some manual work and they’re suitably practical (lightweight, with lots of pockets).

Second, because they look super cool in a grungey kind of way and you’re all about the aesthetic.

MAGCOMSEN Men’s Cargo Work Trousers

Women’s Fashion

Silk Satin Pyjamas

These silky PJs bring a touch of old Hollywood luxury to your night-time routine.

They’re also light, airy, and perfect for incoming spring temperatures.

SWOMOG Pyjamas for Women Silk Satin Pyjamas

These funky dungarees

Revive the spirit of the Sixties with these groovy dungarees.

Pop these on and you’ll feel empowered to dance the night away to psychedelic beats and mind-expanding Dad rock.

Acrawnni Women’s Dungarees Vintage

Kid’s fashion

A dinosaur print T-Shirt

This shirt could be a movie.

It’s T-Rex vs T-Rex, presented in stunning 3D style. Kids’ clothing doesn’t come much cooler or more cinematic than this.

Belovecol 3D Dinosaur T-Shirt

Gruffalo Onesie

There IS such a thing as a Gruffalo, thank you very much, and if you nab one of these cute themed onesies, you won’t have to go searching for one in the forest: you’ll be able to see them clambering around your own home!

Gruffalo Onesie Kids


Adults spend a huge amount of time dreaming back to their childhood, but children spend their days wishing they were all grown up.

Indulge their fantasies with these uber-cool sunnies and prepare to see miniature versions of Tom Cruise in Top Gun strolling around your garden.

UltraByEasyPeasyStore Children’s Sunglasses



Ah, Crocs – the most polarising of the shoe market. At the end of the day, they’re hard-wearing, practical and comfy – and really, what more can you ask for in a shoe?

Plus, you can accessorise them endlessly, if you’re into that stuff…

Crocs Unisex’s Classic Clogs

Exercise can be tough enough without it exacerbating foot and back pain.

These high-quality insoles help cushion your feet while improving the bounce you get from jogging (or just strolling) along.

Pro11 wellbeing Orthotic Insoles

Platform wedge heel boots 

Revel in serious post-punk swagger with these high and mighty wedge heels.

Ritmorro Women’s Goth Platform Wedge Heel boots


Carry-on suitcase

Big old luggage cases can be a nightmare to move about, but this crafty product means you can say goodbye to crushing strangers’ feet in airport queues and there’ll be no further risk of running over toddlers with your suitcase.

Cabin Max Anode Carry on Suitcase

Packing cubes

Stay funky on a limited budget with this neat compression cube.

We know the name sounds very sci-fi but it basically just means you can bring more pants on holiday with you: result!

Cabin Max Travel Hack Compression Packing Cubes

Cabin bag

Nifty enough to work as a cabin bag, this ingenious design invokes comparison with Doctor Who’s TARDIS (and not just because of its colour).

Like TV’s most famous time machine, it’s well and truly bigger on the inside.

Cabin Max Metz 20L Ryanair Cabin Bag


Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation)

Apple is the undisputed king of smart watches, and this edition does everything you could want from a watch – and much more, too.

The SE is particularly sophisticated when it comes to tracking your health and fitness progress.

Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation)

Watch repair kit

Getting into watches? They can be pretty spenny, but the price is made worth it by the knowledge that you’re investing in a precious family item (and potential heirloom).

Nice watches demand care and attention, and this handy tool kit provides the straightforward tools needed to deliver it.

112 PCS Watch Repair Kit

Stainless steel watch band 

This tough and striking watch band is fully compatible with Apple Watches and will protect your (sizeable) investment perfectly.

It also looks very much like the kind of watch Batman would wear.

MioHHR Stainless Steel Watch Band 


Healing stone necklace 

This elegant necklace wraps a wire representation of the Tree of Life around an Amethyst Crystal to symbolise positive growth and development.

And as well as being oh-so-meaningful, it also looks great!

CrystalTears Natural Healing Crystal Stone Necklace

Four leaf clover bracelet

At only £6.99, this little gem makes for a wholesome and inexpensive birthday gift.

And, with all those four-leafed clovers, you should at least be getting your money’s worth in luckiness.

Gaueiour White Four Leaf Clover Bracelet

Horseshoe earrings

Feeling fantastical? These cool earrings feature what look like dragon claws clutching strange luminous orbs.

They’re perfect for injecting a bit of magic into everyday life.

Oufer Body Piercing Horseshoe Earrings

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