The most common EuroMillions winning numbers revealed ahead of £180million jackpot draw tonight

THE National Lottery is a game of luck and chance – but what are the most common winning EuroMillions numbers?

There is a record-breaking £180million up for grabs tonight through the EuroMillions after no-one won on Tuesday.

The winning numbers of Tuesday were 30, 9, 39, 18, 45 and the Lucky Stars were 3 and 1.

No-one claimed the top £180million prize, which means the jackpot cash rolls over to this evening, Friday, February 26.

It’s the biggest amount of prize money ever offered by the National Lottery, and the winner of this sum would be richer than rock star Eric Clapton, who is worth an estimated £175million.

The current UK record win is £170million in 2019 – however that lucky punter decided to stay anonymous.

How do I check the winning lottery numbers?

IS it your lucky day? We explain how to find the latest winning lottery numbers.

You can view results for all the latest draws on the National Lottery website.

It will give you the option to view results for:

  • Lotto
  • EuroMillions
  • Thunderball
  • Lotto Hotpicks
  • EuroMillions Hotpicks
  • Set For Life

As well as winning numbers for the last game, you can also view historic results going back six months.

The previous holder was the late-Colin Weir and his wife Christine who scooped £161million in 2011, making them richer than the Beckhams.

As we’ve mentioned before, any lottery game is a complete gamble and there is no guarantee what numbers could come up as each draw is a separate event.

In fact, the chance of matching all five EuroMillions numbers and the two bonus balls is 1 in 139,838,160.

Here are the most common numbers that have appeared in previous draws.

What are the most common EuroMillions numbers?

For EuroMillions, you pick five main numbers and two Lucky Stars, with draws taking place every Tuesdays and Fridays.

The five most drawn main numbers since EuroMillions launched in February 2004 are 23, 44, 50, 19 and 37.

The two most drawn Lucky Stars are 2 and 3.

The least drawn numbers are 33, 46, 22, 47, 41.

The original Lucky Stars were 1 to 9 – of those, the least drawn are 4 and 1.

The more recently added Lucky Stars 10, 11 and 12 have been drawn less.

In the UK, a single entry to a EuroMillions draw costs £2.50.

EuroMillions is different to the main Lotto draw.

The first National Lottery draw was held on November 19 1994 when seven winners shared a jackpot of £5,874,778.

Gareth Bull, a 49-year-old builder, won the biggest-ever prize of £41million in November, 2020 and ended up knocking down his bungalow to make way for a luxury manor house with a pool.

Here are the latest winning Lotto and Thunderball numbers.

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