These ugly nails are sending Facebook in hysterics

Not nailing it! Beauty fans share snaps of the WORST manicures they’ve seen – including twisted acrylics and green talons

  • Beauty fans shared the strangest, ugliest or most impractical nails they’ve seen
  • Some designs include poor taste manicures in shades of neon green
  • Another plumped for twisted acrylics that spiraled from the nail bed 

Beauty fans have shared the most bizarre manicures they have spotted online. 

People from around the world took to Facebook group That’s it I’m Ring Shaming to post pictures of claw-like talons, extraordinary acrylics and bejewelled designs. 

In one instance a set of nails was so long that users couldn’t help but compare it to Edward Scissorhands, while elsewhere a set came complete with a spiral-shaped nail for a very unique look.

Red alert! Beauty fans took to Facebook group That’s it I’m Ring Shaming to post pictures of claw-like creations – including these very long red nails complete with jeweled applique 

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Putting a spell on you? These special nails are so adorned with 3D chain-like patterns which must have taken hours, but we’re not sure we’d want to try them 

Pasta anyone? This very special manicure feature a ‘curly’ transparent nail worn on her little finger, along with a  glitter embellished manicure

Is it a win? We have nothing but respect for the elderly woman playing Scrabble on her phone with these nails 

A multi-coloured manicure! These interesting nails boast interesting drips along with angled tips and a black red and blue theme 

Nude amibition? The colour palette of these nails is definitely interesting. We’re not too sure about the neon green, nude and forest green combo

Not so tasty? These Oreo-inspired nails don’t look too appetising and resemble a shower’s moldy drain. We’re not convinced 

A metallic mani! These pink chrome nails are way too long on the cuticle – and we’re not fans of the glitter either  

Seeing hearts: These nails are not only incredibly sharp, they appear to be adorned with oddly shaped bobbles too

These tie and dye claw-like nails are very long, very colourful and definitely not to the taste of everybody

French manicure gone wrong? These bell-shaped nails look very large and don’t seem to be very practical – to say the least 

Peck, peck? These orange and coral curved nails were once compared to a toucan’s beak and you can’t un-see it

As far as curved nails go, these look extremely impractical, as well as blinding onlookers with their lively colour scheme 

Wild thing! These tortoise shell-inspired nails are somewhat unsettling to look at – tortoise styling should definitely stick to glasses 

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