This tongue trick will make you look better in photos – and its so easy

If you love to snap a selfie or pose for photos then this nifty tongue trick may well come in handy.

If you're someone who never feels like they look good in photos well, apparently you need to focus more on your tongue!

Apparently, by putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth behind your teeth, you'll nail a relaxed and less forced look in photos.

So, if you're after that candid Instagram-worthy snap then simply pop your tongue behind your teeth and you'll have it in no time.

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As well, this tactic is meant to tighten the area under your chin to give a "chiselled" look.

On the topic of posing, a model named Cassandra Senior, who knows her stuff when it comes to getting the best photos, spoke to The Everygirl about how to achieve your best look.

"Whether it’s laughing, putting on a little soft smile, or just having fun with it, your face tends to tense up after doing the same smile over and over again," she said.

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As a result, she recommended opening your mouth slightly in a bid to "look more natural."

She told the publication: "You also can never go wrong with a laughing shot — bring a friend along who can make you laugh!

"Don’t leave it all to your smile too. Not to sound too Tyra Banks, but it really does help if you smile with your eyes. By doing so, you really look more natural and in the moment."

Cassandra also advised "moving around" instead of staying still, adding: "Nothing looks more awkward than being so stiff that you look like a mannequin."

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