Twins whove spent £140k on surgery to look identical want matching vaginas

Two twin sisters who have spent £140,000 on plastic surgery to look identical say they want matching designer vaginas next.

Dolly and Daisy Simpson, 25, from Stockton-on-Tees appeared on ITV's This Morning today alongside their mother Christina.

They opened up about their decision to go under-the-knife after having matching nose and boob jobs.

The sisters also said they hope to have matching labiaplastys and are also considering getting the Brazilian Butt lift surgery to alter their looks.

However, their mother was shocked by their suggestions, saying she found the circumstances 'difficult', and adding: "When they've been going through these procedures, I haven't been told the full extent."

As the twins appeared on This Morning today, host Phillip Scofield asked: "So you want to make yourselves look identical but you both have very different faces."

This led Daisy to confess her face was "a bit rounder", adding: "You can't change bone structure can you. But we try our best with what we can do."

Dolly added: "And when we go to the surgeon, we do ask for the same look and to try to get the same result."

The twins began their surgery journey with lip fillers at 18, with Daisy saying: "Straight away we did like how our lips looked when they were fuller and we did think, 'What else can we get next?'

"We realised it was quite easy to get things done."

They then had a nose job and a boob job together during the pandemic, with the pair deciding to have the procedure on the same day and with the same surgeon.

Daisy added: "Dolly has had a labiaplasty and I actually haven't yet."

Dolly continued: "Daisy is booked in but she hasn't been able to go yet because of Covid restrictions."

Phil seemed surprised by the suggestion as he asked them: "Why did you need to look alike?"

Daisy replied: "We don't need to look alike, it's just we both have that insecurity."

Meanwhile Dolly said the surgery was about "becoming their ideal selves", as Daisy continued: "We both didn't feel confident so getting things together, you get that support as well.

Daisy however confessed she's a "bit more extreme" when it comes to her surgery though, added: "I do want a bit more done. I would get bigger boobs but she wants a BBL and stuff, I don't."

And being told the statistics that a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery can kill 1 in 3,000 people, Daisy said she was undeterred by the information.

She said: "It does put me off, and it does make me wary of getting the procedure but I think as long as you do your research on the surgeon and hopefully you'll be on good hands."

Meanwhile, their mother Christina told Phil and fellow presenter Holly Willoughby that she found their situation "very difficult".

She said: "I obviously believed they were beautiful before they had these procedures.

"I do believe there have been various things that have triggered this off. They got bullied at school because they were twins and dressed alike.

"They didn't feel too good about themselves. Social media has a big impact."

She added: "When it came to going abroad, like Dolly did for her labiaplasty, I didn't agree with that.

"As a parent, you just want your children to be happy and healthy at the end of the day and they weren't happy before hand, and they are much happier now.

"But I do have concerns if they pursue further procedures. I've told them I don't want them to get BBL.

"I'm against that. It's like you said about the dangers of doing that. It's like, is it worth it? And at what point do you stop."

The twins revealed on the show that they've paid for the surgery using money from their nude OnlyFans content.

Christina admitted she found this challenging, adding: "This is very difficult for me to talk about because as a mother, I was aware when they were going to clubs and dancing.

"When Covid hit, it was difficult when all the clubs closed down and everything stopped.

"They were in rented accommodation and it was a case of, 'What do we do now'.

"They are very independent, they didn't want to move back home. The offer was on the table. it's totally new for me."

The mum-of-two also said she worries about trying to stop the surgeries from happening in case it damages her relationship with her daughters, adding: "I don't want to lose my daughters.

"I would do anything to keep them and look after them as well as I can. They are adults, they're 25-years-old, I cant literally stop them.

"I can try and advise and support. I am concerned for the twins but about young people in general."

The interview came after the twins opened up to Daily Star about getting "creepy" messages from an old teacher after undergoing their surgery.

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