Two women who became grandmas at just 33 say they ‘couldn’t be happier’

Two women, believed to be the youngest grandmas in Ireland, say they couldn't be happier.

Deborah Murphy and Phillipa Nairn, both 33, had their first children young, and now their daughters have followed suit.

Deborah, known locally as Cork’s hottest nan became a grandmother 12 days ago, the Irish Mirror reported.

Her daughter Shannon, 17, gave birth to a  baby  girl and the  family  are thrilled with the new addition.

Deborah said: “It was a shock at the start, knowing I was going to become a grandmother, but it is lovely, I am very happy.

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“There is a beautiful little girl coming home soon and we are all so excited, she was six weeks early so she is still in the hospital.“

Deborah believes everything happens for a reason and explained why her daughter’s pregnancy was a blessing in disguise.

She added: “Shannon’s health deteriorated and we only found out she had some health problems when she got pregnant.

“So, when you put life into perspective, you get to see what is important.

“She had to have blood transfusions, bone marrow transfusions and at one point they were telling me she had a life expectancy of two years. So, in the end I just wanted everyone to be OK.

“We are so grateful and so lucky where we are today, we thought things were going to be so different with Shannon’s health, so we are very happy.”

Granny Phillipa Nairn, had her daughter Stephanie at just 16. And now Stephanie has given birth at 16 too.

Stephanie, who wasn’t in a relationship when she got pregnant, admitted that 16 may be young to have a child but she doesn’t know life any other way.

She also credits her mother and father for always being there for her and helping her out.

Stephanie said: “Sometimes it was difficult as my mother was mothering the way I looked after my baby but that is normal.

“Overall my mother was elated. She was in the labour ward with me when I had my baby, she was holding my hand instead of a man that doesn’t understand it.

“My mother loves being a granny, my son is with her more than he is with me, he loves my mother and they are so close. They have a special bond. He changed her life in ways, for the better.”

Stephanie says she looks on the bright side and loves being a mum, adding: “I will be sitting on a beach sipping a Pina Colada when my friends are having kids.”

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