Users are wowed by the results from this Bissell carpet cleaner

Goodbye stains! Users are wowed by the results from this Bissell cleaner that makes carpets and furniture look ‘like new’ – and it’s on sale

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Shoppers wanting a clean start to the New Year are removing stubborn spots and stains from carpets and upholstery thanks to one powerful portable carpet cleaner from Bissell. And it’s currently on sale. 

The BISSELL SpotClean Pro is a professional-style spot cleaner that uses water, formula and powerful suction to clean hard-to-tackle stains – and shoppers say it’s the ‘best thing’ they’ve ever used.

This professional-style spot cleaner uses water, formula and powerful suction to clean and protect soft surfaces.

Currently on sale for 24 per cent off, it’s had the backing of over 5,400 reviews and has scores of testimonies raving about how it makes light work of spills and stains.  

New Year cleaning: You can save £40.99 off the BISSELL SpotClean Pro, now on Amazon 

If you have spills and stains from over the Christmas period and are looking to give your home a deep clean, thousands of Amazon shoppers recommend the BISSELL SpotClean Pro. 

Using a combination of water, a powerful scrubbing brush and vacuum suction, the BISSELL SpotClean Pro has the power to clean dirt, pet stains and odours from your flooring and upholstery. 

And it’s had the backing of over 5,400 five-star reviews, with users sharing how the cleaning gadget gives ‘incredible results on stains, both old and new’. 

Hiring a professional cleaner can be costly, so savvy shoppers are finding an alternative with the BISSELL SpotClean Pro that delivers similar on-the-spot results minus the cost. 

Now on sale for £129 (was £169.99), the cleaner gives you a helping hand, lifting spots and stains from carpets, rugs, upholstery, stairs and auto interiors with minimal effort. 

Hailed as ‘small but mighty’ by one shopper, the SpotClean Pro gets to work with 750W of power, removing dirt from soft surfaces. Putting an end to the stress of everyday spills, users say it ‘works a dream’ and ‘makes short work of marks on carpet’. 

Cleaning on multiple-surfaces, the portable cleaner is great for keeping on top of high-traffic areas and family life. 

The kit comes with a large stain and upholstery tool and a tough stain tool, plus a sample-size bottle of Wash and Protect Professional 

The BISSELL SpotClean Pro has had the backing of over 5,000 households, with shoppers impressed by the results, writing how they ‘honestly couldn’t believe how much dirt it got out’.

One delighted user raved: ‘Small but mighty! Cleans quickly and effectively and made my carpets, bed and sofa look like new again.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘This is the best thing I’ve ever used so easy to clean up after the pets and give small cream carpets a spruce up you don’t notice how dirty they are until you start cleaning them.’

A third penned: ‘Bought this as had to get some small stains out the carpet and thought it would be a worthwhile investment… was easy to use, didn’t soak the carpet, very effective.’

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