What is a workflow management system?

Workflow Management is defined as the tools that allow the monitoring and management of operational or managerial processes in the electronic environment. Workflow Management enables users in the same or different disciplines to send information, request work, track and manage the results of the request. Business processes can have different life cycles from minutes to days, depending on their complexity and the duration of related jobs. Such systems can be implemented at scales ranging from local business groups to large-scale enterprise systems, using various information technology and communication infrastructures.

Workflow Management at Zinger Stick Software

Why do we need workflow management?

●       Workflow systems are needed to standardize, optimize, speed up, and automate company processes. Smart papers and forms are created with these systems, and they may be managed in an electronic environment.

●       You can use the system to control your key processes, and it will remind you to complete them when the time arrives. You can ensure seamless integration with operational systems and complete process management.

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Don’t let your works flow

–          Manage your Workflow Processes with smart system

–          You can control your critical processes with system and will remind you the works when the time comes. You can assure easy integration with operational systems and manage your processes from wall to wall. You can improve your company’s efficiency by speeding up your work processes.

–          You can prevent dragging on your work processes thanks to identified processes. You can improve your process performances and keep costs under control. The high integration capability allows information control and reducing manual information entry by 85 % in comparison to existing systems and you can thus assure stable and controlled data entry.

–          Code writing requirements might be minimized thanks to drag and drop technology and you can quickly transfer all your processes to the electronic environment.

–          You can introduce feasible standards to your processes and make sure that your work processes are applied on the same standards for all employees.

–          Favorites tab allows quick access to the most frequently used work processes and reports

–          You can share in-house announcements with any user you want thanks to authority based announcement feature and improve in-house communication.

–          Thanks to proxy mechanism, you can monitor all the works done when you are not at the office and assign more than one proxy.

–          You can define role based workflows and make processes independent from individuals. This will allow only replacing the person of that role when the workflow is changed. Hence, you will not need to revise your processes in case of dismissing personnel and vacation etc.