What is pedicab?

In San Diego pedicab is very popular. On the website https://urbanpedicabs.com/ you can find more details about the ways to use it especially if you are thinking of new efficient advertising tactics for your business.

Pedicab in detail

Pedicab is a pedal-operated vehicle of tiny sizes designed to transport only a couple of passengers. This is a nice way to spend time together with a special someone or get to the destination alone avoiding transport jams. The construction is different. There are advanced models with additional fitting which enhances driving and riding experience. For instance, a cab can be equipped with an electrical motor, there can be extra parts in the exterior making its design more attractive like LED lights and others.

But initially this is a simple tricycle providing only two passengers with comfortable seats protected by a folding top. The driver seat is usually in front of passengers and designed separately. There are models with a back driver seat. These cars are popular in San Diego due to their:

  • eco-friendly concept;

  • low speed making tours around the city more convenient;

  • small size allowing it to ride along the narrowest streets even;

  • unusual designing which attracts people and provides them with new experience.

Our advantages

Urban Pedicabs is a well-established advertising company providing access to a wide range of safe pedicabs of high quality. Being fully licensed we guarantee reliability of our services and client-oriented approach to running business. Your advertising will reach your major target if you choose a pedicab to place your ad on its cabin and draw the eye of every person. It is more efficient compared to advertising on any static signs because:

  1. It stands out from the rest with its unusual rickshaw design with the spirit of foreign nation.

  2. It appears in various places on the route increasing chances to be viewed by as many people as possible

  3. It creates novelty and everybody wants to go for a ride on it.

If you want to develop your business and benefit from all existing methods to promote your event or brand, you should try this lovely small vehicle and you’ll see the result. Be sure that a pedicab will be driving without pauses because locals and guests of the city adore it.

Go to https://urbanpedicabs.com/ to get more information about our offering and details of cooperation. We provide safe transportation with wide media opportunities for branding. Find our telephone number to contact us if you want to ask any questions about this interactive advertising tool.