Why are people saying 'sprinkle sprinkle' on TikTok and what does it mean?

A light rain shower, those little pieces of candy you put on icecream, or a way to water your lawn.

The word ‘sprinkle’ has a couple of definitions – and now, TikTok has gifted us with a new one.

If your fyp is anything like ours, you’ll have noticed that ‘sprinkle sprinkle’ appears to be the new phrase du jour.

But what does it actually mean?

It seems to have actually originated on YouTube, thanks to creator Leticia Padua aka SheraSeven.

Shera – who isn’t on TikTok – is known for her real talk, no nonsense life advice.

Sprinkle sprinkle 🤑

And, after dropping one of her sometimes slightly savage truth bombs, she’ll finish it off with a ‘sprinkle sprinkle.’

Think of it as having a similar effect to ‘mic drop’ or ‘I said what I said.’

When a follower asked Shera: ‘What does it mean when a guy says he’s not ready for a relationship?’

Her response was: ‘That mean he don’t want you. Sprinkle sprinkle.’

She also had views on what a woman should ‘bring to the table’ in a relationship.

I love her #sprinklesprinkle

She said: ‘I’m not bringing nothing to the table. Sprinkle sprinkle. If you want a women to bring something to the table go to IHOP.’

Shera has actually explained her catchphrase in one of her YouTube videos.

She revealed: ‘If ya’ll don’t know what sprinkle sprinkle means, it means like ‘blessings’ [or] ‘bless your heart’.’

She added: ‘It’s just something I made up a long time ago on this channel so, it’s just like saying ‘okay, bless your heart’. You know, ‘back at you’. Whatever y’all need it to mean.’

So there you have it. The phrase means whatever you want it to mean. Sprinkle sprinkle.

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