Woman breaks down over tattoo 'Looks like it's from a colouring book'

Young woman left in tears after her huge back tattoo doesn’t turn out as expected: ‘I’m stuck with this for the rest of my life’

  • A young woman has serious tattoo regret
  • She cried when she saw the finished piece 
  • She said: ‘It looks like it was meant for a colouring book’ 

A young woman has been left in tears and with ‘instant regret’ over a tattoo she will ‘have for the rest of her life’.

The young American woman, who admits she can be ‘a little dramatic’, was left in shock after seeing her new ink for the first time.

She sobbed into her phone’s camera and explained the huge artwork was nothing like the piece she had asked for, and that it looked like it was meant for a colouring book.

‘I’m literally stuck with this f***ing thing for the rest of my life. It looks nothing like the picture, I don’t know what to do,’ she cried.

She explained she had given her artist the picture she wanted, and he had explained he would need to tweak it so it was his own art.

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A young woman has been left in tears after getting a huge tattoo

She had been to him twice before and said he ‘did good work’ so trusted him with the design.

On the day he showed her a picture of the stencil on her back – and she was happy, but says she should have looked at it from more angles, or in a mirror. 

‘It’s my fault, I didn’t look hard enough… I didn’t look close enough. So yes, I did see the stencil, it was on my body but I didn’t see any angle, it was only the angle he took of the picture,’ she cried. 

This is the picture she have her artist to work with – but she complains her artwork is nothing like it 

When she saw the finished piece she burst into tears and she continued to cry all of the way home.


Who is in the wrong?

Who is in the wrong?

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But others said the tattoo ‘looks fine’ and wasn’t too dissimilar to the one she wanted.

She disagreed and said it is larger and not as fine as the artwork she had dreamed of.

‘It’s not what I wanted. When you have expectations for something, you’re going to be upset about it,’ she said.

The videos quickly went viral, and had been seen by millions of people before the young woman flicked her profile to private.

One person told her she will learn to love her new tattoo.

‘You just need to get used to it. Every single tattoo I’ve gotten I feel like it looks bad, but then after some time I love it! It’s beautiful,’ one woman said.

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