Woman defies trolls who judge every stage of pregnancy by flaunting bump

A woman has flaunted her baby bump to tell people that women are "judged" during each stage of their pregnancies.

Body positive influencer and journalist Danae Mercer works to promote body positivity and help women feel better in their own skin.

She is never shy about exposing the "reality" behind the "perfect" snaps usually seen online, and often shares the depth of work that goes into creating flawless "Instagramable" pictures.

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This time she's opened up about pregnancy, and how she feels women are often "judged" about their bumps.

In a series of gorgeous and natural snaps, she showed off her baby bump while wearing a floral and perfect-for-summer bikini.

Even though she glowed with happiness in the pictures, she posed at different angles to show how women can work to cover up their stretch marks and cellulite.

She wanted to show that "bouncing back" after having a baby shouldn't be the focus – as women's bodies go through so much when creating life.

Writing on Instagram, Danae said: "Grow. But not too much. Grow. But only now because you’re pregnant. Grow. But make sure when it’s done.

"When it’s done – you can take it all back off again.

"And stand in front of a mirror. And say how quickly you recovered. Like all those celebrities in the magazines.

"It feels like I’ve entered another set of unwritten rules. The pregnancy ones."

She added: "Where ‘BOUNCE BACK!’ is the end goal. And size is judged every step of the way.

"Where it’s good to show BABY BUMP, but only without cellulite, in soft light, with bits arched and squeezed and posed.

"It feels delicate. Loaded. And I’m still learning how to navigate it.

"I don’t think I’m alone. So today, I want to remind you, in the same way I’ve been reminding myself.

"Health looks different on everyone, and our bodies are smart.

"We can trust them, their gentle calls for nourishing food and movement and rest.

"Whether we’re growing another life or simply honouring our own.

"We can find a balance that serves us, instead of squeezing into rules that don’t. Today and every day."

Since sharing the snaps more than 30,000 people have liked the post.

Nearly 200 people have also left comments, and have thanked Dane for being "real."

One person said: "'Grow but only when you're pregnant.' It's so true.

"It's devastating that women only have permission to grow – to an extent – when they're pregnant."

A second added: "You look beautiful."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "Watching you pregnant is something out-of-this-world divine.

"What you do is so powerful. I bow down."


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