Woman scared of burglars learns noise was brother eating chocolate

Woman ‘scared’ her house was being burgled after hearing ‘loud bangs’ is left red-faced when she finds out it was her brother breaking into a Terry’s Chocolate Orange

  • Chelsea Morris, from Edinburgh, shared her worries with her brother Ryan
  • She mentioned that the banging noises she heard was someone breaking in
  • Asking him to check out the noises Ryan explained he was eating the chocolate
  • To eat the orange shaped ball chocolate lovers must tap it on a hard surface to help separate the segment from each other 

A woman terrified after hearing what sounded like someone breaking into her home ended up red-faced when her brother explained that the noises were him eating chocolate.

Chelsea Morris, from Edinburgh, shared her hilarious exchange on Twitter after asking her brother Ryan for help when she heard several loud bangs.

In her terrified state she wrote telling him that it sounded like someone was ‘banging on the door’.

But moments later his response revealed there was no need to panic and it was all just a small misunderstanding: ‘I was breaking up my Terry’s Chocolate Orange.’ 

A woman from Edinburgh went viral after she shared the moment she mistook her brother breaking up his Terry’s Chocolate Orange for someone breaking in to her home

Chelsea Morris shared the hilarious exchange on Twitter where it racked up hundreds of thousands of likes and shares 

Chelsea shared her messages on the social media platform which gained hundreds of thousands of shares and likes. 

‘When you text ur bro from your room thinking the house is getting broken into and he replies with this[sic],’ she wrote in the caption alongside a screenshot of the messages.

They read: ‘I think someone’s banging on the door.

‘Go check I’m scared. 

‘Like not tapping proper banging.’

Her brother’s simple response about eating his chocolate treat calmed the entire situation down, and she later added why she was so panicked.

‘My whole house was shaking I thought someone was trying to come through my front door.’

Chelsea explained that she had asked her brother to check that someone wasn’t breaking in after hearing loud bangs, but he explained that he was trying to smash up his Terry’s Chocolate Orange ball

Others said they’d also made noise when breaking the chocolate ball, as others sent her crying-laughing emojis over the funny mix-up

To eat the orange shaped ball, which is a popular treat around winter time, chocolate lovers must tap it on a hard surface to help separate the segment from each other.

One person responded to Chelsea: ‘I’ve put chips in tables doing mine before, so I can really appreciate this.’

Many others just wrote streams of crying-laughing emojis, while another one of her friend’s wrote: ‘Chelsea I’m howling!’  

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