Woman shares 'genius' hack her parents followed to stop kids lying

The ‘genius’ hack woman’s parents used to stop her from lying as a child: ‘It is fool proof, it’s so smart’

  • A woman has shared best parenting hack 
  • She said the trick worked on her for too long

A young woman has revealed the cheeky trick her parents used to stop her lying as a child.

For years Emma Hall, 22, thought a blue dot would appear on her head if she started lying.

The trick was so convincing she and her brother would put on a hat or cover their forehead with their hands when spinning a wild tale.

The young Australian, who has 400,000 followers online and likes to joke she’s ‘peaked at 22’, revealed her parent’s trick in a viral video over the weekend.

She explained she would lean her head in her hands and say ‘I did not hit him’ every time they were called out for anti-social behaviour.

A 22-year-old woman has revealed her favourite parenting hack, admitting it ‘worked for too long’ when she was a child

This worked for way too long

‘Or we would wear a hat, so they always knew when we were lying – it is fool proof, it is so smart,’ she said before admitting it ‘worked for way too long’.

And other parents have similar tricks up their sleeves.

‘My grandma did this and told us that our tongue would turn black so after we lied she would ask us to stick out our tongue but we wouldn’t want to,’ one woman said.

She said her parents used to tell her a blue dot ould appear on her forehead if she told a lie

‘My kids ears turn red, it works so well it is kinda sad,’ another woman said. 

The video quickly went viral and has been seen by 1.1million people.

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