Woman shares posed and relaxed pics as she exposes how influencers fake snaps

A lot of people get disheartened with their own image when they see 'perfect' snaps from influencers on Instagram.

However, body positive star Sara Phuto aimed to debunk these glam snaps in her latest post on the social media site.

The influencer, who boasts 417,000 followers, is known for sharing body positive content on the site.

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And in her latest post, she showed how your body can look completely different based on what pose you pull.

Giving an insight into how influencers achieve those Insta-worthy snaps, she shared photos side-by-side – pulling an 'influencer' pose in one, while relaxing in the other.

In the posed photos, the tattooed beauty often looked like she had a slimmer figure and a more glam look. While, things were au natural when she relaxed for the snap.

Captioning the post, Sara wrote: "With it being that time of year where holidays/travel are more prominent and photos are being taken on holidays and being posted online, I wanted to post this lil collage to remind you: take the photos, make the memories and don’t stress about how you look in the photos!

"We are so much harder on ourselves and you deserve to have photographs of your memories to look back on! You also deserve to not compare yourself to what you see online!

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"Remember that posing, angles and so many other things alter how we look in photos!

"Make the most of the days we have and enjoy your life to the fullest. Virtual hugs 4 you."

Fans were loving the honest post, as one told her: "Thank you for this."

"I'm so grateful for your content," added another.

While another chimed in: "Your account is one of the reasons I’m learning to let my body just exist."

The post comes after Sara previously edited her selfie to show how different some people look after Photoshopping their photos.

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