Woman slams hair stylist from hell who demanded she picked up Asda food shop

Everyone likes to get their hair done – there is just something about someone else tending to your locks that just makes you feel anew.

Some might say it is the epitome of pampering and self-care.

That’s why 19-year-old Sheryl set plenty of early morning alarms ready for her appointment to get a new-do.

However, despite Sheryl being up bright and early, it all quickly went downhill after she booked in with a 'hairstylist from hell'.

She shared the hairdo drama to TikTok and it has now gone viral.

Sheryl was set to make her scheduled appointment when she received a text message at 9:24am.

Fearing the worst, Sheryl felt that the hair stylist was going to cancel.

But, a quick sigh of relief as a few minutes later the hairdresser asked if the teen would reschedule to 12pm.

Sheryl agreed to the change of appointment – only for it to be pushed back further.

“Could you come for 3 instead I’ll give you a 20% discount so sorry this is my bad,” the hair stylist pleaded.

Eager to get her hair done, Sheryl hesitantly agreed to the new time slot.

However, the stylist was about to get very cheeky indeed.

In a text sent to Sheryl, the stylist asked: “If you don’t mind when you pass the big Asda could you get me: Two packs of white Kingsmill bread, Unsalted butter (any is good) & a carton of oat milk.

“I’ll pay you when you get here.”

Confused at the message, Sheryl questioned if she sent it to the “wrong chat” by accident.

“Oh no, if you want me to start as soon as you get here that’ll help as I still need to run errands, if not I hope you don’t mind waiting for about 30 mins when you get here,” the stylist replied.

With the shopping list of bread and butter in the way of getting her hair done, Sheryl decided to cancel and ask for a refund.

We are sure Sheryl didn’t fork out money to become a personal courier for the day!

But, the stylist appatently didn't want to give the money back.

Stunned by the appalling customer service, the teen made it her mission to get a refund pointing out how “unprofessional” the stylist was being.

Desperate to get her hair done, when Sheryl was offered to be seen the next day she was tempted to take the offer.

Shockingly, the stylist said that she would need a “£10 fee” from Sheryl.

The cheek of it!

After Sheryl pointed out that she has been nothing but respectful to her time adjustments, she demanded a refund.

Evading giving back the money saying that her “bank transfers were not working” and she “left London and went back to uni” – Sheryl had enough.

She demanded the stylist walked to an ATM to withdraw cash.

But she still avoided giving Sheryl the refund and then proceeded to block Sheryl from all social media.

Luckily for the TikToker, she has been awarded a refund after contacting her bank after not getting anywhere with the hair stylist.

Who knew a loaf of bread would be a new requirement to get your hair done!

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