10 Most Adorable Celebrity Marriages In 2019

The world is always interested in celebrities, wanting to learn about everything that they do, including their love lives. But when celebrities end up dating, the public’s interest level rises.

During 2019, many celebrity couples decided to take the next step and actually ended up married. While some did it quietly away from the public eye, others had lavish events for the world to know about.

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Either way, it has created some truly beautiful married couples that also happen to be our favorite celebrities. Within this list, we will take a look at 10 celebrity marriages from 2019 that were just too adorable!

10 Jennifer Lawrence & Cooke Maroney

We kickstart this list with an incredibly cute celebrity couple that tied the knot this year. That’s right, Cooke Maroney and Jennifer Lawrence took their relationship to the next level earlier this year.

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Having been linked since 2018, they didn’t waste much time walking down the aisle, with Lawrence reportedly wearing Dior for the big day.

Making it official at a mansion in Rhode Island, there were reportedly 150 guests in attendance for their wedding, with the likes of Cameron Diaz and Emma Stone making the list.

9 Miles Teller & Keleigh Sperry

From one A-list Hollywood star to another, as Miles Teller wed his longtime girlfriend, Keleigh Sperry in 2019. The model and the Top Gun: Maverick star have been dating since 2013, and this year they were officially married.

Reportedly taking place on the island of Hawaii, the couple made the decision to have a hot and tropical wedding. That follows on from Teller proposing in another wild location, as he got down on one knee during a safari in Africa.

The duo opted to keep their wedding very private, with very few details being shared to the public about their big day.

8 Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson & Lauren Hashian

Speaking of weddings on the island of Hawaii, another couple that got married in the tropical environment this year is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and his wife, Lauren Hashian.

While The Rock is probably the most famous male in the world right now, with an incredible wrestling and acting career, less is known about his wife. However, Hashian does have a career in music and television.

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The stunning couple kept their wedding low-key and private, with The Rock sharing several images to his social media on the big day.

7 Finn Balor & Veronica Rodriguez

From one wrestler to another, The Rock wasn’t the only WWE Superstar to say “I Do” in 2019. Just like The Rock, Finn Balor and his wife, Veronica Rodriguez kept things low-key and private.

The pair had only just gone public with their relationship when Balor and Rodriguez ended up getting married. Rodriguez, who is a FOX sports reporter, and Balor ended up taking the next step while he had some time off from wrestling.

The duo shared their news on Instagram and has remained a very cute couple since then. Becoming very popular with wrestling fans, their wedding won the hearts of the WWE Universe.

6 Matt Bellamy & Elle Evans

Another couple who got married in 2019 is Matt Bellamy and Elle Evans. The duo shared an image of their big day on Instagram to reveal the news to the world and to their army of fans.

As the lead singer of the rock band, Muse, the Englishman, Matt Bellamy has an army of fans who were all very excited for him.

Bellamy and the 29-year-old model had announced their engagement back in December 2017 after dating for two years previous to that.

5 Caroline Wozniacki & David Lee

When it comes to sporting power couples, it doesn’t get much better than Caroline Wozniacki and David Lee. This popular duo ended up tieing the knot earlier this year in what was one of the most lovely marriages in 2019.

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The tennis star and former basketball player shared their news with Vogue, and actually got married at Castiglion del Bosco in Italy. The pair were originally engaged in November of 2017.

4 Michelle Branch & Patrick Carney

From a sporting power couple to a music power couple. Singer-songwriter, Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney, who is the drummer for The Black Keys, made it official this year as well!

It’s been a big year for Patrick, with The Black Keys making brand new music and getting married. On a night where the couple claimed the party drank 19 liters of tequila, they clearly celebrated the evening.

Getting married in New Orleans in April this year, the happy couple looked fantastic together.

3 Tommy Lee & Brittany Furlan

That’s right, rock and roll star, Tommy Lee tied the knot with his social media star wife, Brittany Furlan this year. The pair announced it in a hilarious way as well, sharing an image of their dogs dressed in wedding outfits.

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The pair made the decision to get married on Valentine’s Day as well, making things even sweeter between them. While this is the fourth marriage for the Motley Crue member, it was the first for Furlan.


2 Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger completely fell head over heels in love with each other, and are already married! After just one year of dating, the duo decided to take the next step and were married in California in June.

Clearly winning the approval of Katherine’s very famous father, the pair were engaged in January and quickly got to planning the wedding. They described it as the best day of their lives on Instagram, and clearly are very in love.

Their feelings for each other radiate on pictures and videos and that is the main reason that the public has fallen so in love with them as a couple.

1 Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas

This power couple took the world by storm this year, with fans absolutely loving the idea of them being together. With Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas both having legions of fans, they were all incredibly happy with the news that they were married.

After a rushed wedding in Las Vegas, just for them, they then exchanged vows at a romantic location in France. The duo wanted a traditional, royal wedding where their celebrity friends were able to attend.

The duo has certainly been the most adorable couple to get married this year, with the public being in love with this popular young pair.

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