5ives Scott Robinson denies rivalry with Westlife saying they were best friends

Scott Robinson of boyband 5ive had denied there was any rivalry with Westlife while at the height of their fame.

90’s heartthrobs 5ive consisted of Scott, Sean Conlon, Ritchie Neville, Jason Paul Brown and Abz Love.

The band formed in 1997 and were managed by the same team as the Spice Girls, and topped the charts with hits such as Keep On Movin’ and Let’s Dance.

Scott denied any rivalry between 5ive and their main competitors at the time, boy band Westlife.

He said while speaking with Daily Star on a Facebook Live: “There wasn’t! That was all the media. We were the best of friends with Westlife, we would go out drinking with them, we would go out for meals, we would actually laugh at the ‘rivalry’ that there was.

“There was literally never any rivalry.”

Sean added: “We might have had a few competitions to see who could drink the most. You’d be very surprised, those Irish boys.

“Butter wouldn’t melt!

“We were tarnished as the bad boys of pop, they gave us a run for our money. With our new album, we’re gonna give them a run for their money, we’ve got a few ballads ourselves.”

The pair denied the band’s bad boy tendencies, saying that their antics were pretty tame. Speaking to The Daily Star, Sean said: “We went round to Roger Taylor’s house, we thought we were being really professional and decided to go out on his quad bikes.

“I crashed one, went straight over the handlebars.”

Scott added: “It was ridiculous. One of my funniest memories was being in a hotel room with Liam Gallagher playing Bop It. Liam got it out of his bag, he had it on tour with him!

“You would expect Liam Gallagher not to have a Bop It. He was very very intense, playing Bop It. It was in Brazil, and he was playing an album that hadn’t come out yet and every song he said he wrote on the album he said was legendary and every song Noel wrote was s****.”

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