BBC cameraman headbutted in groin by sheep in eye-watering attack

Animal Park viewers were left wincing after BBC cameraman was hit in the groin during filming.

In scenes that will make your eyes water, viewers were introduced to a stand-offish Cameroon sheep called Cecil.

The sheep, which sports two large thick horns, can be seen pawing at the ground as presenter Kate Humble laughs: "You are a little beggar, aren't you?"

Explaining the animal's behaviour, a park keeper adds: "He does this.

"He sort of goes behind and rears up… he's so naughty."

Suddenly Cecil lowered his head and rammed at the cameraman in the privates.

The unlucky production member then fell over in pain as Kate laughed.

Unable to hide her amusement, the park keeper giggled: "Cecil! Don't do that."

Looking to camera, she added: "I am so sorry."

Animal Park is one of the BBC's longest running shows.

The show has been on air for over a decade after first airing in July 2010.

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