Becky G and J-Hope of BTS put out twist on 'Chicken Noodle Soup'

j-Hope of K-pop phenomenon BTS linked up with Latin pop princess Becky G to release a new version of the 2006 Harlem rap classic “Chicken Noodle Soup.”

This version of the song stems from j-Hope’s reverence for the original viral hit from DJ Webstar, rapper Young B, and the Voice of Harlem, which inspired the boy band member to fall in love with dancing.

Between j-Hope’s verse, Becky G’s verse, and the chorus, the song mixes Korean, Spanish, and English lyrics to maximize international appeal.

The current song, like the 2006 version before, has inspired a viral dance craze with BTS Army members posting their own videos performing it on TikTok and tagging #cnschallenge.

That being said, j-Hope’s hairstyle in the final half of the video, gel twists that mimic dreads, has opened up discussions within the BTS fandom about cultural appropriation.

Watch the video above, which features a diverse group of over 50 dancers all cutting up with j-Hope and Becky G.

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