Big Brother Trisha Paytas ‘scared’ after Lamborghini stolen and G-Wagon smashed

Trisha Paytas has been busy updating her fans as she moves home but the stressful time has turned into a chaotic nightmare for the YouTuber.

The 31-year-old American babe seemed in good spirits as she filmed herself on her Instagram stories packing up boxes, doing her food shopping and unpacking in her new place.

But things quickly took a turn as Trisha, who rose to fame in the UK when she starred in Celebrity Big Brother in 2017, informed fans that her Lamborghini had been stolen.

Taking to her official account, the blonde beauty shared a picture of a stolen vehicle report with her 2.5million fans which she wrote over it: "So my Lamborghini was stolen…"

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The document detailed that the bright orange sports car, worth around $200,000, had been stolen from her old apartment complex.

In another shot, Trisha shared a picture of the side of her customised pink Mercedes G-Wagon which had been broken into.

With glass surrounding the car worth $150,000, Trisha wrote over the snap of her beloved "dream car": "And my pink car was broken into…"

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The reality TV star then went on to share a picture of Los Angeles Police Department to which she wrote over the snap again: "Scary s**t."

Trisha then took to her YouTube channel to reveal that the Lamboghini was stolen from her old apartment complex.

She told fans: "I have plenty more cars, but I was so shaken and I was so shaken to even stay here.

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"It was scary as I didn't know if it was targeted towards me or not."

A couple of days later, Trisha explained how she got a private message on Instagram from a man who said he had bought her Lamboghini.

The star said she "wasn't sure" if she should reply or not but did "right away" and then sent the print screenshots to the police.

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Trisha then informed fans she couldn't go into any more details as an investigation was underway.

Back on September 15, 2018, Trisha uploaded a video to her YouTube channel of nearly 5million subscribers, titled: "I bought a Lamborghini! Opps (dream car)."

At the start of the video, Trisha explains how five years prior she released an album called 'Superficial b***h' which featured her sitting on an orange Lamborghini on the front cover.

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She told her subscribers: "I loved it so very much and driving my mum home just last week there was an orange Lamborghini near her house and today, I am buying an orange Lamborghini."

An excited Trisha then gave her fans a tour of the car as she poured her heart out and stated it was down to "so much hard work".

Just two days later, Trisha took to her official Twitter account to tell fans she wanted to sell her Lamborghini and "upgrade it".

On September 17, 2018, she tweeted: "Who wants to buy my Lamborghini? Time for an upgrade. Had it for too long."

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