Cardi B Goes Fully Nude, Stands Trial in New Music Video for 'Press'

The rapper also recalled a hilarious story where she injured her rectum.

Cardi B has the Internet buzzing with her latest music video offering — one that serves up plenty of controversy and artfully (ahem) executed nudity.

The rapper’s video for "Press" carefully displays full frontal nudity without showing an intimate inch that would get her trouble with censors.

The video dropped Wednesday and is available to watch on YouTube, featuring carefully blurred body parts. The video — which takes place partly in a courtroom, a crime scene, and prison — is very timely as the rapper just pleaded not guilty to felony assault charges after an incident at a New York nightclub late August.

The music video is certainly provocative and features threesomes, gun violence, and even a jail scene involving a murder with a toilet bowl used as the lethal weapon.

This is the first video Cardi has directed and earlier that day on Wednesday she thanked Jora Frantzis for making her vision come to life.Meanwhile, in another TMI moment, Cardi shared a shocking and hilarious story to Instagram Live the day before where she shared with her fans a self-inflicted injury.

"So let me tell you something about the other day right. So I’m washing my ass, and I’m washing it very fast, and I just got my nails done. And they were so pointy." Cardi said in the video. "Do you know that I stabbed my asshole?"

Looking at someone who was in the car with her she said, "Know you laughing but I wasn’t laughing. I really wanted to cry. I stabbed my asshole with my nails. And everybody always asks me, ‘How do you wash ya ass?’ And it’s never complicated because you really wash your ass with this right here," she explained while pointing to the tip of her pointer finger.

"So, but I was going mad fast, mad hard. You know what I’m saying? I like to keep my ass clean cause… huh… I get busy with my man and you know what I’m saying like. I don’t ever want f–king n—-s hittin’- f–king me; back shots and shit, and a smell to come outta there.""I stabbed myself," Cardi admitted.

"Bro, like I started shaking a little bit, and I froze. And I was like this… but shaking. And I stopped, and then when I looked," the rapper pauses for a brief second. "I was bleeding."

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