Cuco, Suscat0 Take One Hell of a Trip in ‘Keeping Tabs’ Video

Cuco and Suscat0 drop acid in their latest music video, “Keeping Tabs,” released on Tuesday. The song comes from Cuco’s debut album, Para Mi, released this past July.

In the clip, directed by the production duo Cirqua (Pascal Gutierrez and RJ Sanchez), Cuco and Suscat0 first take the psychedelic drug in the parking lot of the Northeast Los Angeles Super A supermarket, which some may recognize from that frozen peas scene in A Star Is Born. The friends end up in a neon-lit disco club, where a drag queen performs to a nearly-empty bar and two women play Loteria. Cuco hallucinates an angel on his shoulder, played by King Foo — creator of the cholo humor page Foos Gone Wild —who promises him a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos if he sings. Cuco then teleports from the stage into a hedonistic banquet in L.A.’s Exposition Park, where men and women dressed in white raise their glasses with literal demons.

Para Mi was released following the musician’s recovering from a traumatic car accident, with many of the album’s 13 tracks dealing with the isolation he experienced during that period. This past August, he performed at New York’s Selena For Sanctuary concert series, a tribute to the late Tejana musician Selena and a fundraising event for the immigrant advocacy group Make The Road New York.

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