Eamonn Holmes admits he is reliant on crutches after devastating injuries

This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes has shared that he is dependent on crutches after dislocating his pelvis and suffering three slipped discs.

Ruth Langsford's other half Eamonn, 61, shared that he feels like he is "learning to walk again".

Eamonn was diagnosed with health injuries in March this year and this weekend, he updated his fans on where his health is today.

Taking to his Instagram page, Eamonn shared a video of himself working out with his physiotherapist John Davis.

Clad in workout gear, Eamonn told his followers: "OK I'm still crutch dependent and the idea is to get rid of this and the man that's going to get rid of this for me is this man James Davis!"

As he started to undertake his exercises, Eamonn continued: "This all looks very simple and it is very simple except it's like learning to walk again.

"I've lost nerves in my right leg and there's certain actions I can't do so even the most simple thing is hard but it's getting better."

James told Eamonn's following how he'd been working with Eamonn over the past couple of weeks and that he''s now at the "rehab" stage of his recovery.

After working out, Eamonn was given a massage to try and stabilise his pelvis and lower spine.

Eamonn shared: "The whole recuperation path, there's so many aspects to it. James is the boss man and you know, he has me here on the treatment table. Some of it is quite pleasant.

"Not a lot if it but I know he's doing a good job and do you think we're making progress? Lots! That shows you how bad I was in the first place.

"But the treatment table and his magic hands very, very important."

To finish off the intensive treatment, Eamonn donned pressure socks to help with circulation.

Eamonn explained: "To round the day or the session off I put on my socks! These are pressure socks, don't worry I'm perfectly safe in them.

"These are used by a lot of elite athletes to help the healing process.

"In the meantime, it is so comfortable I think I'll just do 45 minutes and maybe doze off."

Get well soon, Eamonn!

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