Emily Atack describes horrific ordeal as creepy man followed her home at night

Inbetweeners actress Emily Atack revealed how a man followed her home from the pub while hissing sexually aggressive comments in her ear last year.

The star, 31, is the most recent to tell of the horrific sexual threats she’s received at the hands of strangers.

She featured on UNILAD’s Minutes With series on Thursday, and explained: “Recently a guy followed me home – it was when we were allowed to go to the pub again.

“I was walking home from the pub, and it wasn’t even that late, it was probably about nine o'clock or something, so it was dark, and he's riding up next to me on his bike and he's like, 'I recognise you.' And I'm like, 'Ah, yeah,' just kind of walking on."

"And he was just like sort of saying all these things in my ear, like saying, 'I know what you like, I know what sort of girl you are. You f**king, you love being single’,” Emily continued.

"And, 'Let me show you what I can do to you, let me show you what a good time I can give you.’

"And like, so that was physically in the flesh, and I ran indoors and I was so upset and so frightened. So it's that, I have that man on the bike, in my ear, but just constantly online. And it does, it starts to chip away at you, it does.”

When asked if she’d want to confront the man today, Emily said no at first, before bravely revising her answer.

But she admitted it would be the "hardest thing I'd ever do".

The interviewer also wondered if the experiences made Emily think “less of men in general”.

The Celebrity Juice star easily admitted: “No, it doesn’t. I’ve got a lot of wonderful men in my life. I think that’s why I don’t completely crumble over things like this. You can’t generalise.”

But the harassment she’s received isn’t exclusively in-person; she also receives “hundreds of messages” online.

Examples included a man allegeding to be a father, who asked her, “why don't you be naughty with me like you always are with everyone else”.

An exasperated Emily responded: “No thank you, Daddy.”

She added: “I worked out the other day, before 10:00am, I'd seen three penises that I hadn't asked to see, three cock shots that had been sent through.

“If I’d walked out into the street to get a coffee and three men had flashed me on the way I’d be in pieces, I’d be traumatised. […] But I’ve become so used to it.”

12 minutes with Emily Atack, was released on UNILAD's channels tonight

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