Jack Harlow Says 'Nail Tech' Is 'Probably' His 'Least Favorite Song' From His Upcoming Album

Rapper Jack Harlow released his single “Nail Tech” on Feb. 18. The song debuted at No. 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 and will be included on Harlow’s upcoming album Come Home the Kids Miss You. In an interview about his music with Rolling Stone, Harlow revealed that “Nail Tech” is his “least favorite song” from Come Home the Kids Miss You.

Jack Harlow thinks other songs will be better than ‘Nail Tech’

In the interview with Rolling Stone, it was revealed that Harlow’s next album will be called Come Home the Kids Miss You.

As of right now, the album is confirmed to include “Nail Tech” and another track called “Blade of Grass.” Speaking with Rolling Stone, Harlow shared that he likes other songs on Come Home the Kids Miss You more than “Nail Tech.”

“It’s probably my least favorite song on the album,” Harlow told Rolling Stone about “Nail Tech.”

Still, Harlow recognizes why “Nail Tech” was a good choice for a single.

“But I know the effect it’s gonna have on people. I’m spitting, and there’s energy behind the beat… I have different tastes. I can’t believe people love to listen to ‘Tyler Herro’ on repeat and ‘What’s Poppin’ on repeat,” he told Rolling Stone.

Jack Harlow showed the making of a song called ‘Blade of Grass’

For the Rolling Stone interview, Harlow took Rolling Stone behind the scenes of the making of his music.

The magazine described the making of “Blade of Grass,” writing:

“Eventually they turn their attention to a song called ‘Blade of Grass,’ which has a moody instrumental intro before Harlow jumps in with an unforgettable first line: ‘Like a blade of grass wants sunlight/I just want that a**.’

They have Chahayed do take after take of a faux Stevie-harmonica intro, trying to fix the awkward way it interacts with the drums and the beginning of the vocals, until Achida suddenly suggests slicing out the intro entirely: What if they started with Harlow’s voice a cappella? 

The idea catches on a bit before midnight, and the group ends up spending at least an hour making the change, devoting most of the time to obsessing over the exact spot the beat should come in. ‘Come in on “a**,”‘ Achida suggests at one point, to much laughter.

Once they finally get it right, Harlow is thrilled. ‘Bro, this s*** is classic,’ he says. ‘We just trimmed so much fat off this. It’s a rap record now. We need shockers on this b****. We’re coming in trying to hold our d*** on these motherf******.’”

What inspires the rapper to make music

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Harlow described how he makes his music. According to the rapper, he has to find “a feeling that’s real.”

“I don’t always have something to say in every moment,” the rapper shared. “I have to search for a feeling that’s real.”

Come Home the Kids Miss You will be released on May 6.

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