Jake Owen Insists ‘Alabama Hannah’ Is Not a Dig at Hannah Brown

During an Instagram Live broadcast, the ‘Down to the Honkytonk’ crooner tells fans that he was inspired to pen the song by ‘The Bachelorette’ alum’s emotional meet-up with Peter Weber.

AceShowbiz -Country music star Jake Owen‘s new song “Alabama Hannah” was inspired by the season premiere of “The Bachelor“.

The singer told fans during an Instagram Live broadcast on Thursday (January 09) that former “The Bachelorette” star Hannah Brown‘s emotional meet-up with ex Peter Weber on the premiere of the 24th season of the reality TV show, where she once-again pursued a relationship with him after previously calling time on their romance, prompted the musician to pen the tune.

“Monday night, my girlfriend had the damn TV on and all you heard about on the new Bachelor was ‘Alabama Hannah’, it was just ‘Alabama Hannah’ everywhere,” he laughed. “She won’t go away.”

“Believe it or not, I met her on the last season of ‘The Bachelorette’, I played ‘Made For You’ for them in – I think it was like Rhode Island or something,” the “Down to the Honkytonk” star added. “She’s a cool girl. This is not even a dig at the actual ‘Alabama Hannah’.”

Jake explained he thought the situation made for a good country song, telling viewers the track is about moving on “if you’ve given someone multiple opportunities to take you as a lover” and they’ve not taken you up on it.

And despite claiming the subject of the song is broad, the references to Hannah Brown herself are particularly overt.

“Alabama Hannah, what do you want? If it’s love that you need, well then honey, it’s gone,” he sings. “You had your chances, so won’t you leave me alone. Alabama Hannah, won’t you go on back home.”

He continues, “You’re a beauty queen and a dancing star and I think you’ll do just fine” – referencing Hannah’s success as a beauty pageant star and her victory in the 2019 season of “Dancing with the Stars” back in November.

Jake has yet to release a studio recording of the tune.

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