Kanye West Proves He Might Be the Most Narcissistic Rapper in the Industry

Kanye West was once thought of as a musical visionary. While some believe he is still a genius, these days, West supporters are becoming few and far between.

West’s new journey as a religious leader has earned a lot of criticism, from those who believe that he is not qualified to speak for the religious community. Of course, there is also the issue of West’s undeniable narcissism.

Keep reading to learn how West could possibly be the most narcissistic artist in the music business and why people could soon stop paying attention to him.

Kanye West has a history of narcissism

West rose to fame in the early 2000s, with his breakout album The College Dropout. West’s catchy rhymes and innovative rap beats endeared him to the musical community and it definitely seemed as though he had a bright future ahead of him.

West has pioneered the way for many other rappers in the industry, and combined with his business ventures, including his fashion label Yeezy, he has become a global superstar. Still, West has had a long history of problematic behavior, including what seems to be a very overblown opinion of himself.

Over the years, he has compared his music as a “cure for cancer” and called himself “the new Kurt Cobain” and “the number one human being in music.” He also believes that he is the “most impactful artist of our generation,” which is certainly a stretch of the imagination. While some fans undoubtedly agree, and he has definitely made a cultural impact, all of these are strong statements that are hard to accept.

What are Kanye West’s mental health problems?

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It is possible that some of West’s self-love can be attributed to his mental issues. In 2016, West was hospitalized for an unspecified mental disorder, and in the years since, fans have learned a bit more about the battle taking place in the rapper’s head.

In 2018, West revealed that he wasn’t officially diagnosed with a mental disorder until he was 39 years old, but that he refuses to think of his condition as a disability. In fact, West calls his diagnosis a “superpower.” 

West’s bipolar disorder has caused a lot of grey area among the fan base, with some people believing that some of the more outrageous things that West says can be traced to his mental condition. Others believe that he shouldn’t get a pass for some of his more controversial statements — such as the infamous “slavery is a choice” quote that divided his fan base — regardless of what his medical status is. 

What did Kanye West say recently about himself?

The Kanye West train keeps rolling, in spite of what everyone has to say. This year, West has embarked on a new chapter, that of a religious leader.

His Sunday Service performances, combined with his new gospel album, Jesus Is King, have many people convinced that West is going to start a church. Certainly, his recent statements haven’t helped to clear any of the confusion up.

In mid-November, West visited pastor Joel Osteen’s megachurch in Houston, Texas, where he opened up about his spiritual journey and why he decided to turn his attention to gospel music. Of course, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to give himself a hearty pat on the back at the same time. In his speech, West said: “Jesus has won the victory. I told you about my arrogance and cockiness already. Now the greatest artist that God has ever created is now working for him.” 

While West is still rolling along currently, there could very well come a time in the near future when people are finally sick of Kanye West. 

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