Kesha Drops Colorful New ‘My Own Dance’ Video

Kesha has dropped a quirky video for her celebratory new song “My Own Dance,” the latest single off the singer’s upcoming album High Road.

“My Own Dance,” Kesha’s follow-up to lead single “Raising Hell” with Big Freedia, was co-written by the singer alongside Justin Tranter, John Hill and Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds. The track itself is a tongue-in-cheek odyssey through Kesha’s own career and legal troubles with lyrics like, “Woke up this morning feeling myself/Hungover as hell like 2012,” “We get it, you’ve been through a lot of shit/but life’s a bitch so take your pick, so fuck it” and “Internet called and it wants you back/Because you kind of rap and not be so sad.”

The visual, directed by Allie Avital, finds Kesha in a rundown motel searching for a box of “magic cereal” and encountering a colorful cast of misfits, like bodybuilders in ski masks, lingerie-clad women in gas masks and a pair of twins straight out of The Shining. The journey eventually leads the singer to the supermarket, where she finds the lone box of “magic cereal,” meets her clerk doppelgänger and then throws a party in a kiddie pool filled with the cereal and milk.

Kesha’s High Road, the follow-up to 2017’s Rainbow and the singer’s self-proclaimed return to pop music, arrives January 10th. In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Kesha talked about her new LP and “My Own Dance,” which was born out of a conversation with her brother that convinced her to get back to her pop roots.

“I kind of felt like I didn’t have the right to be happy and write happy songs, and then ‘My Own Dance’ was the first pop song I wrote,” Kesha said.

“I was like, ‘Fine. I’ll go write a fucking pop song.’ And then I was like, ‘Wait, this is superfun. Why am I keeping myself from the greatest pleasure of my life?’ And I have to say, that song, and that conversation with my brother, put me on the path of finding probably the most severe happiness I’ve ever had my entire life,” she said.

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