Masterchef hopeful Dani Dyer once set her own mum on fire in kitchen disaster

New Celebrity MasterChef hopeful Dani Dyer set fire to her mum Joanne.

The reality telly star admitted that she was a disaster in the kitchen growing up.

Clumsy Dani, 26, confessed: “Mum’s dressing gown went up in flames like the kid from the Ready Brek advert because I didn’t tell her I’d put the grill on stupidly high when she was standing by the cooker.

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“Then, I set fire to the microwave trying to heat a leftover roast with tin foil on it.

“Oh, and I dropped Vimto all over my brand-new bedroom carpet just as the carpet fitter was pulling away from the drive. It was clean for all of five minutes!”

The ex-Love Islander said that she has been preparing for her stint in the MasterChef kitchen with help from actor dad Danny.

He’s been doing impressions at home pretending to be John Torode and Gregg Wallace and judging her food.

Dani said: “When we did heat rounds and we could practice, I was with my dad and he timed me and everything.

“I was s****ing myself – he pretended to be John and Greg! It was funny.

“Their kitchen was an absolute state by the end of it.

“He’s a big softy, but he’d tell me if something didn’t taste great.”

The mum-of-three – who recently had twins with West Ham and England ace Jarrod Bowen – said appearing on the hit show was a lifelong ambition.

She added: “MasterChef was always on my bucket list so when it came around I couldn’t say no to it.”

This comes after her famous father Danny Dyer revealed the "slug" appearance of his manhood is making him worry about his health.

Talking to Kathy Burke on her podcast, he said he had a long-running problem that left his genitals looking “like a f*****g slug on an apple”.

Danny said: “When I started puberty, my b******s started f***ing getting bigger. I went to have it ultra-sounded which was weird, and they said obviously it’s cosmetic surgery if you want to have it done … obviously I’m very attached to it, cause it’s attached to me."

His condition is technically known as a hydrocele, which is “a collection of fluid around the testicle” that “is usually a benign (non-cancerous) condition caused by either over-production or under-drainage of fluid from the sac that contains the testicle”.

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