MTV EMAs: Watch Halsey’s Fantastical Performance of ‘Graveyard’

Halsey showcased her recent single “Graveyard” as part of the MTV EMAs in Seville, Spain, offering a fantasy-themed performance of the track. The performance opened with the singer laying in an overgrown field, singing as she writhed in the dirt, before she danced onto a carousel horse in the center of the floral-covered stage.

“Graveyard” comes off Halsey’s upcoming album Manic, which is out January 17th via Capitol. She has released two videos for the track, including a time-lapse visualizer of the singer painting a self portrait on a large canvas over several hours.

In Rolling Stone‘s June cover story, Halsey said that her new album is the first one she’s ever written while manic. The album is a sampling of “hip-hop, rock, country, fucking everything — because it’s so manic.” She added, “It’s soooooo manic. It’s literally just, like, whatever the fuck I felt like making; there was no reason I couldn’t make it.”

“Graveyard” is Halsey’s second solo release of the year, though she has collaborated with BTS (“Boy With Luv“) and Yungblood (“11 Minutes“). Last month, Halsey surprised fans on her 25th birthday when she released the video for her song “Clementine.”

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