Nadia Sawalhas sexy lingerie prank on husband leaves fans in stitches

Nadia Sawalha left little to the imagination as she stripped down to sexy lingerie for a prank on her husband Mark.

The Loose Women star left fans in stitches as she strutted around her living room in black boots and a matching bra and knickers set.

The 57-year-old shared the "awkward" video to her 488,000 Instagram fans, reports The Mirror.

She said: “Right, so Mark’s back in a couple of hours and I’m preparing a bit of a surprise for him.

“Every year he buys me a really nice bra and knicker set, something a bit flowery or lacy, whatever. Matching.”

Laughing, she continued: “It’s always a bit awkward because both he and I know I’m never going to wear it.

“So I thought this year I’m going to surprise him. I’m going to put it on and I’m going to feel comfortable in myself, okay.”

Nadia walked away from the camera to the back of the room so fans could see her whole outfit.

She continued: “Now ignore my boots. I’m going to put some sexy shoes on.”

Pointing to her thigh, she added: “And ignore my HRT patch. He doesn’t even see it anymore.”

Walking back towards the camera, the TV presenter said: “Right, so this is me being comfortable. Not awkward at all. There I am. I’m loving my combo bra and knickers.”

Suddenly, the door opens and Nadia becomes shocked and shouts: "Mark!"

The star quickly turned the camera off after her husband walked in.

Luckily, Nadia saw the funny side and asked fans to share their own awkward lingerie stories with her.

The Loose Women favourite, who often campaigns for body positivity, wrote along side the video: “Come on you lovely lot share some of your uncomfortable/awkward lingerie moments! Make me laugh! Make me cry!”

Fans were quick to applaud Nadia, one said: “Looking gorgeous Nadia. MAAAAARK at the end got me.”

Another wrote: “You look brilliant the dog watching you though”, followed by two laughing emoji faces.

A third fan praised Mark for buying the right size, they added: “At least he got your size right! Beautiful.”

Nadia replied: “After years!”

Sharing their own experience with dressing up for their partner, another fan wrote: “When I was younger well … 30 years ago…. Brought an outfit from Ann summers it had pull up stockings my legs wasn’t the thinnest.

“I stood like a goddess i thought as my partner walked in from work …., he burst into laughter saying I looked like a them chef leg covers on chickens you know the white covers on chicken legs at a feast …. End of my idea of looking sexy.”

“Oh my GOD !! Love this !!!,” Nadia replied.

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