Nick Jonas Reminds Kelly Clarkson That the Jonas Brothers Opened for Her in 2005: 'I Had No Idea'

Kelly Clarkson wasn’t aware of her clout among Jonas Brothers fans for helping jump-start the band’s careers.

When Nick Jonas, one-third of the sibling boy band, visited the “Stronger” singer’s new talk show, she was reminded that the group opened for her more than a decade ago.

“I was reading the pre-interview for this — I had no idea that y’all opened for me in 2005,” Clarkson, 37, said, basking in her newfound association with the popular hit-makers. “I feel like I just got really cool.”

Jonas, 27, humbly downplayed their early career performances ahead of her concerts, while also acknowledging that Clarkson’s name carried weight on their résumés from then on.

Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas in 2006

“No one cared about us in 2005, we were just coming up and basically, to get other gigs, we listed the other acts that we’d opened up for,” he told Clarkson, who is his competitor on The Voice as he becomes a coach for season 18. “But that really just meant that we were on, like, the outside stage in the parking lot while you were playing for 40,000 people.”

He added: “But you helped us get a lot of gigs after that, so thank you. We owe you 20 percent.”

Fast forward to 2019 and the Jonas Brothers — Nick, along with his older brothers Kevin and Joe — are on their own major tour, called Happiness Begins, with openers Bebe Rexha and Dr. Phil‘s son, Jordan McGraw.

Looking back at the year, the Midway actor called it a “beautiful time” for his family, with marriages and new music after the band decided to reassemble, a decision they came to after filming a revealing documentary together.

“We had really no intention of getting the band back together,” he said, “but after filming for a little while and kind of healing some of those family wounds that were there from our years of working together in the past, we were able to look at this with a fresh view and really kind of, all in different ways, find our happiness, so we went for it.”

Nick Jonas and Kelly Clarkson in 2015

The documentary, Chasing Happiness on Amazon Prime Video, allowed the brothers to address their “pretty crazy journey” growing up in the church and the music industry.

“When we actually just sat down and did the hard work that, you know, most families have to do — we all go through things with the people we love, whether it’s the family you choose or it’s your blood — you gotta go through it,” Jonas said. “And we did.”

He continued: “… To have been able to go through that with your family is, I think we’re all really grateful and aware of how unique it is, and so it’s just been special.”

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