Paris Hilton Fires Back at Pink for Spoofing Her Teenage Sex Tape in Music Video

The ‘Simple Life’ star slams the ‘Get the Party Started’ singer in her memoir, years after the latter dissed her over sex tape scandal in ‘Stupid Girls’ music video.

AceShowbizParis Hilton has blasted Pink for parodying her teenage sex tape. The 42-year-old hotel heiress – who welcomed her son Phoenix via surrogacy in January with her venture capitalist husband Carter Reum, 42 – claimed she was pressured into making her infamous video aged 19 in 2003 by her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon, 55, which he sold a year later.

It caused a legal battle and Pink, 43, included a parody of Paris’ sex tape in the 2006 music video for her “Stupid Girls” song, two years after the storm over and the tape had started to die down.

Paris hit out over the sketch in her newly-released autobiography “Paris: The Memoir“, “When everyone was buzzing about a sex tape of a certain teenage girl from a soon-to-be-hit TV show – a girl who said emphatically over and over that she did not want the tape out there – the takeaway was Stupid Girl… Pink sang about ‘outcasts and girls with ambition’ and said, ‘That’s what I wanna see.’ But she chose not to see it in me.”

Paris – who always thought of Pink as “generous, evolved and progressive” – added about how the sex tape led to her being slut-shamed, “The world thinks of me as a sex symbol, and I’m here for that, because ‘symbol’ literally means ‘icon.’ “

“But when people saw that sex tape, they didn’t say ‘icon,’ they said ‘slut.’ They said ‘whore.’ And they weren’t shy about it. The whole video is a not-at-all-subtle send-up of ‘porno paparazzi girls’ in general and, specifically, me, in a parody of my infamous sex tape.”

Yet the former socialite stressed she didn’t harbour a grudge against Pink, adding in her book, “I have the attention span of a gnat, which means I suck at holding grudges. Anyway, anger doesn’t help; honesty does. So, I’m being honest right now.”

Pink – born Alecia Beth Moore – admitted in 2017 Paris was “upset” with her and added the heiress wanted her to know she was “not dumb” but just played “dumb.”

Paris said she was “tipsy and tired” after a night out when her sex tape was shot and added Rick, who was 33 at the time, had insisted no one else would “ever see it” and threatened to find another woman to shoot one with if she refused.

Rick later sued Paris for defamation when she went public about her dismay over the tape being released with the name “One Night in Paris”, but she countersued him and was awarded around $400,000 in damages.

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