Rock icon Mick Jagger at 80 still has plenty to shout about

At 80 years old rock icon Mick Jagger has plenty to shout about…and none of it mentions retirement.

The new Rolling Stones album, Hackney Diamonds, is out next month and the band then plan to take it on tour – just like they used to.

They may even do a gig as holograms in years to come.

“You can have a posthumous tour, “ says Mick. “The technology has really moved on since the ABBA thing.” (the Swedish group’s “Voyage” virtual show).

But there are no plans to publish an autobiography – or to sell off the Stones’ post 1971 back catalogue .

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“The children don’t need $500 million to live well,” he scoffs. “Maybe it’ll go to charity one day….maybe do some good in the world.”

Father of eight Jagger – cover star of October’s WSJ. Magazine – opens up about the band’s problem with drugs, dealing with the business side of the music, the support of his wonderful family, and how age doesn’t bother him.

“People get out of my way, in case I fall over,” he jokes.

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Asked if 80 feels different from 70, he shrugs it off.

“They’re both big numbers,” he says. “One’s more than the other one.”

  • WSJ Magazine’s October Issue is out on October 7th.

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