Rocker Liam Gallagher brands AI track mega as it rivals Oasis with new album

Liam Gallagher has hailed an artificial intelligence-created Oasis soundalike album as being “mega”.

The Wonderwall singer, 50, says the project by ‘AIsis’ is “better” than everything else out there on the rock scene right now.

And its creators have issued a “come and get us” plea to the legendary rocker to record a charity single with them.

AIsis said: “We’re bored of waiting for Oasis to reform, so we’ve got an AI modelled Liam Gallagher to step in and help out on some tunes.”

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Singer and songwriter Bobby Geraghty created the album by feeding Liam’s voice in through AI tech over songs performed by his old band Breezer.

The process saw him use Google Colab software to train the AI voice by using acappella recordings of Liam.

The eight-track “alternate reality” record, titled The Lost Tapes Volume One and credited to AIsis, imagines what might have happened if the band’s 1995-97 line-up “continued to write music”.

Fans of the iconic Britpop group have described it as “mind blowing” and it’s quickly gone viral since being uploaded last week.

The original Rock ‘N’ Roll singer even shared his approval, tweeting: “Mad as f*** I sound mega. Heard a tune it’s better than all the other snizzle out there.”

Mr Geraghty, 32, said: “I am glad he has enjoyed it. It was done with the best intentions in mind. Maybe he could join on a little charity single with us.”

He added: “This is appealing to people who want them to be back in Oasis. It’s been a bit overwhelming. We saw the rise of AI generated vocals. We tried it and sent it to our friends.

“They loved it, so we put in on YouTube and it just kind of blew up. It’s just taken on its own trajectory. The feedback from everyone is telling. I don’t think this has ever happened before with any original stuff.”

Breezer’s guitarist Chris Woodgates, 31, reckons others will start copying them, but that AI presents an “opportunity for artists to use it legitimately”.

He said: “I don’t think you can put it back in the bag now it’s out. We have tried to do it in a way to honour an artist.

"Humans are going to use it in a creative way. That’s what the positive future of it will be,” he added.

But he reckons people will be “much more interested” in the music when humans are still involved, instead of just the robots.

One fan said: “I am a huge Oasis fan right from 1994 and this is like stepping into an alternate dimension – blown away.”

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Another wrote: “The sad truth is IF Oasis got back together, the next album wouldn’t sound remotely nearly as good as it does here. This is INCREDIBLE. First album vibes.”

While one said: “It’s like I’m a kid again listening to new Oasis stuff!”


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