Russell Brand sparks uproar again as prank call to rape crisis line resurfaces

Russell Brand has created more uproar and fury after an old prank call the comedian made to a rape crisis hotline was unearthed.

Brand, 48, is accused of rape, sexual assault, physical abuse and controlling behaviour – allegations he strongly denies.

Taking to his YouTube channel on Friday (September 15), he refuted the "very serious and criminal allegations" made against him in an explosive documentary made by Channel 4 and The Sunday Times, which aired on Saturday (September 16).

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The comedian was the subject of the long-running investigation which saw four women that came forward with allegations of the former host's behaviour between 2006 and 2013.

During this period, the former Big Brother's Big Mouth host had landed a sell-out tour across the UK.

One controversial moment from his time touring came in 2008, when he made a prank call to a rape crisis centre during a gig in Northampton.

The clip has since resurfaced online, adding to a number of allegations Brand has amassed due to his behaviour whilst he was in the limelight.

In the video, Russell takes on the role of a concerned woman, claiming he had spotted a man who was wanted for sexual attacks in the locality.

At the time of the tour, there had been a spate of sexual attacks in the town – with three attacks in underpasses over the course of a few weeks.

Russell said on the prank call, changing the pitch of his voice: "I have got some information for you. I've seen a gentleman who fits the description.

"He was wearing a lime green top and polka-dot trousers, and I thought, 'Well, look at the state of him'".

During the prank call, Brand told rape crisis line his name was Sarah, and explained that the laughter from the crowd was due to an episode of The Bill that 'Sarah' was watching.

He added during the exchange that someone had come near the underpass 'Sarah' lived next too, saying the man in question "looked like Timmy Mallett".

Brand's actions sparked a wave of uproar at the time, with Lynda Yorke from Leicester Rape Crisis calling out his prank.

"I don't think that's particularly amusing. It's in very poor taste," she said in the wake of the incident.

Russell Brand continues to vehemently deny the allegations made against him, adding that all relationships he had were consensual.

In the aftermath of the exposé, several broadcasters including the BBC and Channel 4 have launched internal investigations.

Russell's YouTube channel, which has over six million subscribers, has since been demonetised and suspended, after the allegations went public.

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