Stereophonics Kelly Jones Criticizes the Use of AI in Music Industry

The lead vocalist of the ‘Decade in the Sun’ band is not really into using artificial intelligence as he believes that a true ‘art should come from people.’

AceShowbizKelly Jones insists art is about “a real person’s expression” – not AI technology. The 49-year-old musician has blasted the use of AI technology in the music industry, arguing that “art should come from people” and not computers.

“I’m not against forward-thinking technology and how things are progressing, but I think art should come from people … I mean, the basics of it anyway. I think art has always been somebody’s expression, a real person’s expression from a heart, from a head,” the Stereophonics star told Times Radio.

“If you’re going to start an idea, then a computer finishes it, I mean, it’s OK, but it’s just about algorithms and things like that. I’m [also] not really into ten songwriters on a song. It’s like if you’re making a painting, you’ve got ten painters chucking paint on a canvas. I mean, whose painting is it anymore?”

Kelly also believes that Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic have made touring much more difficult. He said, “It’s kind of a nightmare with … Brexit and all that sort of stuff. It’s not easy to make a living of it if you’re a brand new kid coming out onto the street, ‘just let’s get in a van and go make music’ – it’s kind of hard.”

By contrast, recently welcomed the influence of AI technology. The Black Eyed Peas star described the trend as a “new renaissance” for the music industry. He told “Good Morning Britain“, “It’s a very, very, very unique world that we’re entering into. It’s a new renaissance.”

Despite this, acknowledged that some caution is still needed. He said, “The concern is what we do as people and the regulation and guidelines that we put on folks that are building the models.”

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