The 10 Craziest Things Neil Patrick Harris Has Ever Bought

For many years now, the wonderful Neil Patrick Harris has delighted our screens with his talent. We loved seeing him in TV shows such as How I Met Your Mother and  A Series of Unfortunate Events, in which he showed incredible acting skills as well as charisma. He is also very popular for his passion for magic and his books, as he has written several, one of them is called The Magic Misfits. Moreover, we’re more than excited to see him in the new Matrix 4 as he was announced to be part of the cast!

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We had to make these mentions regarding his career, as it shows he has various interests and is a very complex person. That is why we were curious to see what are the 10 craziest things Neil Patrick Harris has bought or was gifted. If you’re curious (as much as we were), keep on reading this article!

10 Record-Setting Harlem Townhouse

Neil Patrick Harris and his husband have bought a four-story, 8,000-square-foot townhouse on 2036 Fifth Avenue in Harlem. The property is estimated to cost $4 million.  This is was their residence in the year 2016, and continues to be to this day. We could see in the year 2016 in the infamous interview with Vogue, called 73 Questions With Neil Patrick Harris, where the actor mentioned he has lived in the house for over three years now.

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In the meantime, Neil and his husband have bought another property as we saw how beautifully it was decorated in other articles and interviews. It was shown that Neil has plenty of incredible possessions – paintings and awards as well as other valuable belongings.

9 East Hampton Estate

In 2017 Neil Patrick Harris happily purchased a property in East Hampton that costs $5,500,000. It has 3.5 acres, 5,250 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, and it looks just wonderfully perfect for the daily life of the four of them. As we have noticed before, Neil has proven that he loves his family as well as his privacy, so not a lot of details were given regarding the decoration of the property.

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The house was built in 2001 and it has a pool as well as a big yard, where their beautiful twins can play outside. Although this is not their permanent home, as they continue to live in their property in Harlem, New York, we have to admit it is one of a kind!

8 The booth from How I Met Your Mother

Even though it’s not necessarily purchased, but more of permanently borrowed, the infamous booth from How I Met Your Mother, the place where Lily, Marshall, Robin, Ted, and Barney spent most of their time, is now in Neil Patrick Harris’s home. He mentioned it in a 2016 YouTube interview with Vogue where he said: “I stole it when we wrapped,”. We must say we are not surprised as NPH is well known for his bold attitude. He wanted the booth and now he owns it. We’re curious if his other colleagues are aware of it, or maybe even jealous about this?

7 Red Bull

Although this one is not necessarily something the lovely NPH buys, it is still consistent in his day to day life so it had to make it on our list! Did you know that Red Bull offered Neil a lifetime supply of their drink? Yes, they did that due to its fame but also thanks to his fidelity shown to the drink. He was seen drinking so much of it during the filming of shows or at conferences, as well as giving free promo for the brand that right now he has as much Red Bull as he fancies! Crazy, right? Either way, we are sure that if the brand wouldn’t have been so generous, he would still purchase an enormous amount of the energy drink.

6 Black Air Pods

When the AirPods launched, every celebrity got a pair. We saw all the candid photos with them and their… white AirPods. At that specific time. Neil Patrick Harris has ordered a pair of custom black AirPods, as he mentions that “they’re so much badder asser than the white ones”.

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One thing he didn’t take into consideration is taking care of them, as his hilarious Instagram post shows it.

5 Haunted Mansion Figure

He is well known to love all sorts of holidays and to celebrate them with their family. When it comes to Halloween (and spooky stuff), for example, Neil Patrick Harris is a pro! He collects different characters with his husband and their twins. For instance, this Haunted Mansion figure is a very prized possession of his, as he proudly posted it on Instagram next to the caption” This is either a super cool haunted Mansion figure I recently acquired, or how I feel when I think about how many Holidays gifts I’ve yet to acquire. #both”

4 Popcorn Maker

As we have already noticed, Neil Patrick Harris is most undoubtedly a man that knows what he wants and has to have it at hand! Let’s say the family wants to see a movie indoors… and what’s a movie without some freshly made popcorn? Well, Harris and Burtka have figured that out and for their house in Harlem, they have chosen to buy their popcorn maker so that every time they want some, they don’t even have to leave their house.

3 L.C. Smith Typewriter

As we have mentioned above, NPH’s working area from his house in Harlem is top-notch! He has plenty of awards (being an Emmy Award-Winning as well as a Tony Award-Winning). Besides all things mentioned, we noticed a beautiful vintage typewriter by The L.C. Smith & Bros right in the center of the table. We are now wondering if he uses the old fashioned way to write his books by using a typewriter or it just has decor purposes? Either way, it is definitely a wonderful piece to own that is both handy and inspiring!

2 A Bar

While most of us have to go outside of our house every time we fancy a drink or we want to go and meet up with some friends, Neil Patrick Harris doesn’t have to. The reason is that he has built a bar inside his house. This bold decision is not a surprise for the beloved actor, as he mentioned in an interview by Vogue that he frequently throws parties where he likes to make his drinks. He also has a variety of liquors so that every guest can pick exactly what they want!

1 Gideon Rubin Painting

NPH mentioned that one of the inspirations when it came to his boy’s name, Gideon, was the famous painter Gideon Rubin. I guess that is how you truly know you love someone’s artwork, right? Harris and Burtka are very passionate about art and they have plenty of paintings and sculptures in their house in Harlem.

They have the painting of the infamous Israeli painter right above their staircase, as we could see in the 73 Questions With Neil Patrick Harris with Vogue in 2016. They also have other artworks, such as Pico and Sepulveda by Ed Ruscha, 2008 by Ahmed Alsoudani, Venus Anadyomene (2014) by Kehinde Wiley and many others.

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