The Prodigy fans will have chance to ‘wear late Keith Flint’s iconic nose ring’

Keith Flint's nose ring will be sold at auction in Cambridge next month.

The Prodigy frontman's famous piece of jewellery, along with some of his other possessions, are set to be auctioned to reportedly settle liabilities following his death.

Keith's double-cone septum nose piercing is just one of the many items Prodigy fans could get their hands on.

According to the BBC, other items that belonged to the legendary singer for sale include gold discs, awards, his custom-made bed as well as some of the star's eclectic art collection.

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Keith's incredible bespoke bed is made with oak and is supported by steel thorn branches.

The bed has the addition of steps held up by a steel mythical creature.

Cheffins Fine Art is the auction house selling off these rare items in Cambridge.

Their director Martin Millard told the BBC: "The sale is full of interesting items which give an insight into Keith's personal life and highlight the difference between his stage persona and his private life.

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"Valuing items with such provenance is almost impossible, and therefore we will not be publishing any pre-sale estimates, but expect there to be lots to cater to most budgets."

The 49-year-old musician was known for his pioneering work as part of The Prodigy.

Originally from Braintree, Essex, the Firestarter hitmakers were an electronic dance music group.

The auctioning is said to be to settling Keith's debts after it was reported in August that the late star owed an alleged £7.3m in debts and taxes.

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Prodigy fans will be ecstatic to get their hands on such personal items of the singing legend.

The items reflect the singer's unique and expressive style.

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