Young Thug Would Make a Terrible Firefighter

Young Thug is wonderful at many things — rapping, singing, screeching, howling, mumbling, ad-libbing, AutoTune, friendship, complicated hand signs and fixing collars on catwalks. But when it comes to being a firefighter, Thug is extraordinarily terrible. The music video for “Hot,” featuring Gunna and Travis Scott, is one long and elaborate how-to manual on what not to do when your house is burning to the ground.

Thug doesn’t try to save anyone throughout the Christian Sutton-directed visual. Instead, he raps his verse from “Hot,” while his YSL-signee, Gunna, sits calmly in the inferno. Luckily, Travis Scott is smart enough to let himself burn on an expansive football field. The marching band behind him doesn’t do anything to help. Maybe they’re still in shock that one of the most famous rappers in the world wants to deliver a performance, while his arm burns to a crisp.

More importantly, here is a list of every questionable choice Young Thug makes in the “Hot” video ranked from absolutely-will-get-you-killed to how-in-the-world-did-you-get-a-job-as-a-firefighter:
1. Bursting into a burning, smoke-filled building without a breathing apparatus
2. Rapping your hit song, instead of checking if there are any victims in the house
3. Sitting down at a kitchen table to take a break as an entire infrastructure turns to ash
4. Knocking a hot door down with your foot
5. Riding on top of a fire engine

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