13 Reasons Why season 4: ‘There’s so much left to unpack’ Monty star spills show’s future

13 Reasons Why fans had mixed emotions after finding out about Montgomery De La Cruz’s (played by Timothy Granaderos) death. Before the bully was finally sent to jail for his violent assault on Tyler Down (Devin Druid) fans learned a lot more about his backstory.

Monty’s deplorable behaviour seemed to stem from a difficult home life, growing up with his violent and homophobic father.

Moreover, it was revealed Monty had difficulty with his sexuality as this seemed to flare up his violent outbursts.

However, fans were shocked to see a softer side to the villain when he began a secret romance with Winston (Deaken Bluman).

It seemed he was finally trying to work on his violent behaviour, all before he was arrested.


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Fans will know Monty was later revealed to have died in jail, but showrunners gave fans no word on on how he died.

However, the star has since spoken out on the shock death and what it could mean for a season four of the show.

Following Winston’s confrontation with Ani, who pinned Bryce’s murder on him, Monty revealed there is still “a lot left to unpack” from Monty’s death.

In conversation with Elite Daily, the Monty star began: “There’s always more opportunity for more of his story, but at this moment, who knows?”

“I feel like there’s so much left to unpack with his story. [It] tragically ended too soon and you were just getting to see the different shades of Monty.”

Moreover, the star revealed what could come next for Monty’s character should the storyline continue to season four.

He added: ”I hope that Winston kind of finds a way to hold the people accountable that pinned me for the murder,”

“But I think it’ll be interesting because he’s one of the only ones that knows where he was.”


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With the character’s death appearing off screen, fans are speculating he was murdered. Could this be the theme of season four?

The death scene wasn’t the only one to get fans emotional.

Chloe Rice star Anne Winters also spoke out, giving insight into the ‘intense’ abortion scene and why it was important.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the Chloe star Anne Winters opened up about the topical scene revealing she found it a “challenging” and “unique” experience.

“I’ve never seen that done,” she explained.

“I’ve never seen the protestors and that kind of trick that she went through, even in that first clinic that she thought was a real abortion centre and it wasn’t, they were just trying to trick her.

“I’ve never seen that played through on screen, so I was really happy to be able to have that. That scene was intense and it really made it very real. It’s super-accurate.”

13 Reasons Why season 3 is now available to stream on Netflix.

For support about any of the issues raised in the show visit 13ReasonsWhy.info or call the Samaritans in the UK on 116 123.

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