14 Coronation Street spoilers for this week including Michelle Connor's exit twist

CORONATION Street's Michelle Connor is in for a nasty shock next week when she comes face to face with the Bistro’s anonymous buyer as she plans to make a swift exit from the cobbles.

Has the former barmaid just made a huge mistake? Here's the lowdown from the ITV soap for this week…

The factory opening party is chaotic

Evil Gary used money from loan shark Rick to rebuild the Underworld after murdering the villain.

The dodgy dealer then used his stooge Derek as a cover, claiming he’s a rich businessman who’s invested in the factory.

But things didn’t quite go to plan when Derek refused to abide by Gary’s rules, dating his ex Izzy and signing contracts on his own.

Derek’s latest retaliation has been selling the factory – which belongs to Gary but is under his name – to Nick and Sarah.

Next week, Nick and Sarah unveil the refurbished factory to the staff ahead of the Christmas special.

But a drunk Derek puts his foot in it when he admits to Izzy that he never owned the factory.

Nick then tells Gary never to set foot in the factory again but Izzy returns just in time, and forces her former boyfriend to admit that he is in fact the owner.

Seb gets a blast from the past

Seb’s ex-girlfriend Alina Pop is set to return this Christmas just as he makes it official with Emma Brooker.

Seb comes to a big decision on Christmas Day – does his heart still lie with Alina?

Gary kidnaps Derek

Gary is out for revenge next week after being crossed by Derek.

He kidnaps the stooge on Christmas Eve to prevent him seeing his kids at Christmas, leaving him tied up overnight in the furniture shop.

The family man  had promised to take his kids on a holiday to Florida but Gary's antics mean he misses the flight.

Gary is certain Derek won't cross him again and sends him on his way.

Jade is back with a bang

It was revealed last month that Jade is serial killer John Stape’s daughter.

It looked like things were over when Fiz and Tyrone dumped the teaching assistant but next week, Fiz discovers she’s sleeping rough and invites her back to her home for the festivities.

Jade’s revenge plans are set to come to an explosive head over the festive season.

It was revealed back in August that the teacher will come between Fiz and partner Tyrone.

Fan-favourite Evelyn was spotted filming dramatic court scenes last month alongside characters Fiz and Tyrone.

What tricks has Jade got up her sleeve to destroy the family?

Rita has a lonely Christmas

With Gemma busy with the quads, Rita tells her on the phone that she’s arranged to visit Mavis over Christmas.

But as she puts down the phone, she's devastated to contemplate spending Christmas alone.

Fiz drops off an antique gun

Fiz drops off an antique gun at the furniture shop but Gary points out that it's still functioning.

On Christmas Day, Gary wakes up to see that the furniture shop has been broken into.

He's concerned when he realises the gun has been stolen.

Max misbehaves

Marion is furious at Shona and David for banning Max from seeing her.

David’s baffled, explaining Max has said he’s been visiting her for weeks.

The pair are lost for words when Max then hits out at Shona.

Derek holds Gary at gunpoint

Gary heads into the pub to accuse Ali of stealing from him.

But the tables begin to turn on big man Gary when a worse-for-wear Derek then lurches into the pub, pulls out a gun and fires his first shot.

Derek launches an armed siege

A shaken Gary runs from the pub, and Derek chases him into the Winter Wonderland.

To avoid the punters at the pub getting caught in the crossfire, Gary lures Derek outside to continue their showdown.

Gary approaches Sarah, Adam and David and warns them all to rush for cover as hooligan Derek stalks the snowy scenes.

Everyone is terrified as Derek's search for Gary continues inside the festive attraction.

Shona has a surprise for David 

Shona has prepared a Christmas and birthday surprise treasure hunt for hubby David.

But when she wraps herself up in a huge oversized present, she lures the Platts to the Winter Wonderland just in time for Derek to launch his attack.

Adam pops the big question to Sarah 

Emotions are running high amid the gun violence but Adam assures Sarah they will escape unscathed.

He then takes the opportunity to ask her to marry him.

But will they make it out alive to walk down the aisle?

Michelle gets a nasty shock 

Michelle packs up her stuff ready to leave the cobbles as the festivities come to an end.

But she gets more than she bargained for when she turns up to the Bistro to hand the keys over to the mystery buyer.

The feisty brunette has a nasty shock when she discovers that the anonymous buyer is no other than creepy hotelier Ray.

Ray took advantage of his position while he was mapping out plans for a franchise for the Bistro for Michelle, inviting her up to his room while wearing nothing but a robe.

Michelle has a meltdown when she realises his identity and sets about smashing up the Bistro before cousin Carla comes to the rescue.

It’s over for Gary

Gary will be exposed as an evil loan shark following the Christmas day shooting.

Ali Neeson jumps at the opportunity to expose Gary’s secret criminal life to the police.

Things aren’t looking great for Gary as the police investigate his dealings and reveal they have reason to believe he’s operating as a loan shark.

Will Maria finally dump the villain and get back with Doctor Ali?

Tracy's night of passion

Tracy is in for a festive shocker this Christmas as she wakes up to find she’s cheated on Steve – with a woman.

The soap villain wakes up to find she’s bedded Sophie’s ex-lover Paula Cunliffe.

Tracy has never shown any interest in women during her decades on the cobbles and Corrie fans are not impressed by the ITV plot twist that will see her cheat on her husband.

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