5 Taylor Kinney TV shows to watch if you love the Chicago Fire star

Fans were devastated to say goodbye to Taylor Kinney’s character Kelly Severide, who has been temporarily written off the hit drama. But just because it’s goodbye to Kelly for now, it doesn’t mean we can’t keep Taylor on our screens! Here are some excellent TV shows the actor has starred in over the years…

The Vampire Diaries

Taylor played Mason in the hugely popular show, a werewolf who was the younger brother of Richard Lockwood and Tyler’s uncle, who returns to Mystic Falls following his brother’s death. He falls in love with Katherine, and has a very sticky run-in with Damon – but we won’t spoil it for you! See him in action here…

WATCH: Taylor Kinney starred as Mason in The Vampires Diaries



Although it was canceled after one season, Taylor was memorable in this medical drama as Glenn Morrison, an EMT who is referred to as the ‘probie’, and had a close friendship to Diana Van Dine, played by NCIS star Scottie Thompson.


Do you remember seeing Taylor in Castle? The actor starred opposite Nathan Fillion on the hit show as Darren Thomas, a man who was blackmailing a murdered woman, making him a prime suspect – but did he really kill the pair? You’ll have to watch and find out…


Taylor had a guest role in Shameless as Craig as former crush of Fiona’s who ultimately lands her in trouble with his wife, Lucy. Speaking about his role on the show, one fan wrote: ” How come I didn’t realize that Taylor Kinney was on Shameless just started re-watching and I see Kelly Severide in bed with Fiona ha, ha Taylor can’t stay away from Chicago.”

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Remember Taylor in Bones? Back in 2008, the star appeared on the hit show as Jimmy, a suspect who was using steroids and is interrogated by Booth regarding a murder. His episode is definitely worth a walk down memory lane!

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