A Place in the Sun’s Lee Juggernauth deflated as guests cut debut search short

A Place in the Sun: Lee calls guests 'dampened souls'

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On Monday afternoon, Channel 4 viewers were transported to the sun-soaked shores of Gandia, Valencia, Spain to see if A Place in the Sun’s newest presenter could land couple Dabi and Devi their dream holiday home. Lee Juggernauth was the man responsible for the search and appeared to get off to a flawless start, with both of the first two properties receiving a positive reception from the couple. However, the third option on Lee’s debut didn’t go down quite as well, with the husband and wife duo deciding to cut the viewing short.

With a budget of £175,000 and £5,000 wiggle room, Lee had quite the task on his hand to find Devi and Dabi their dream home for their long list of requirements.

Wanting two to three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a private garden, picturesque views and a swimming pool, there were a number of boxes Lee would have to tick.

And with property number one, he appeared to do just that with a three-bedroom villa in La Font d’en Carrós valued at £166,667.

“You’ve done good here, it’s a really good one,” Dabi said, with Devi adding: “It’s spectacular.”

However, Lee’s expertise went above and beyond by the time they got to property number two, a four-bedroom villa in Barx.

“This property’s knocking me out I tell you,” Dabi commented upon entering the villa with Devi’s only reservation coming from the kitchen which wasn’t open plan.

In fact, the pair loved property number two so much, they both insisted it led the way and blew the villa from La Font d’en Carrós out of the running.

Sadly for Lee, the same couldn’t be said for property number three, a two and a half-bedroom villa in Almisera.

Despite being closer to the coast, right away it was clear Devi and Dabi weren’t happy as there was no pool.

“I’m a bit disappointed with the garden,” Dabi said as he stared around an empty outdoor space.

Lee explained: “There is no pool but there is planning permission to build one – it will cost £15-20,000.”

“There’s nothing here,” Devi added as she too took issue with the unimpressive exterior.

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And unfortunately for Lee, the interior didn’t fare any better and it didn’t take long for Dabi and Devi to call time on the search altogether.

“You’re like two dampened souls,” Lee joked as they walked inside and he noticed their lukewarm reception.

As they moved into the kitchen, Lee decided to ask if there was any point continuing the search upstairs, to which both Devi and Dabi agreed there’d be no point.

“Shall I show you the rest of the house?” Lee asked, to which Dabi replied: “I think not, I don’t think so, this ground floor here is just not doing it for us.”

Lee was left looking rather gutted that one of the options on his debut house hunt had been cut short but he managed to bring it back with properties four and five.

But by the end of the search, properties number two and five – a four-bed house in Bella Vista – were in the running. 

And making the decision on a coin toss, Devi and Dabi decided to place offers on property number two, although were left disappointed to discover the vendor refused to budge on the asking price.

However, using property five as their back-up option, they managed to secure their dream holiday home for £167,500.

A Place in the Sun continues weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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