Absolutely gorgeous at 71! Jane Seymours youthful appearance leaves floors fans

Jane Seymour discusses role in James Bond: Live and Let Die

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Actress Jane Seymour spoke about her new show Harry Wild as she joined Harry Judd and Gabby Logan on The One Show. The Bond star plays a retired university professor with a knack for solving crimes but as she discussed the role, BBC viewers were distracted by Jane’s glowing complexion and youthful looks. 

As she popped up on the magazine show via video link, viewers were quick to take to Twitter to comment on her appearance.

User @bagpussbee wrote: “Jane Seymour is so beautiful #TheOneShow.”

While Michael Hackney added: “Jane Seymour… holy smokes #TheOneShow #bbc,” alongside heart-eye emojis.

Lindsey Ramskill posted: “Jane Seymour looking absolutely gorgeous on #TheOneShow at 71!!”

Glenn Powys asked: “Jane Seymour’s in her 70’s.. #theoneshow,” clearly taken aback by her youthful appearance.

While @Dkwonmark posted: “Does Jane Seymour still look terrific or what? #TheOneShow.”

User @ManaboutLDN was also in disbelief writing: “#JaneSeymour is SEVENTY ONE!!! #oneshow.”

Kev added: “What is #JaneSeymour ‘s secret? She looks absolutely fabulous.”

While @Dkwonmark posted: “Does Jane Seymour still look terrific or what? #TheOneShow.” @NorthEastLass shared: “Jane Seymour looks amazing, no way does she look anywhere near her age #TheOneShow.”

It wasn’t just viewers who were in awe of Jane’s youthful appearance and fellow guest Matt Baker was also taken aback when he learned she is 71. 

Jane remarked: “I’m 71, so for me to have my own series and do these other films, I never ever imagined that.”

“Are you?” Matt gasped, as Gabby remarked: “There was an audible gasp in the studio when you said 71, you’re still looking absolutely knock out the same woman we met 50 years ago in Live and Let Die.”

Speaking about her character in Harry Wild, who becomes an accidental detective, Jane explained: “She’s unfiltered, she loves her work as a literature professor.

“But she doesn’t like the fact that her students don’t take it seriously or don’t show up and go [out to] party and so, she quits one day.

“She accidentally gets mugged by this young 15-year-old kid, and then realising while she’s getting better, she’s at her son’s house and her son is actually a detective. 

“He happens to be doing a case that she’s seen on TV, and he’s got it all wrong because she’s looking through his paperwork and she realises it relates to a rare Elizabethan play that nobody but she would know about. 

“She tries to tell him to say, ‘Look, I [have] found your killer for you’ and he gets furious. 

“So basically, long story short, the mugger, the 15-year-old we find out his story, he’s actually not a bad guy. 

“She’s now off to find the killer because her son in the police force doesn’t want to listen to her and she inadvertently becomes a very good detective and has solved her first crime. 

“You know, she then gets called upon by other people and very reluctantly, she ends up running her own little detective agency,” she told BBC viewers.

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