Anderson Cooper Loses It Over Cheri Oteri's Barbara Walters Impression on NYE (Video)

Oteri’s “this is 2020” line had the CNN anchor cracking up and doubled over

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen called in some funny reinforcements to help ring in the new year, namely “Saturday Night Live” alum Cheri Oteri channeling her most famous impression: Barbara Walters.

Just as the talent at ABC did earlier in the day, Cohen and Cooper played footage of the real Walters delivering her iconic line, “This is ’20/20.’” Oteri took it from there, telling the annual holiday special’s hosts, “First, let me say what an honor it is for you to have me on your New Year’s Eve special.”

In her signature commanding voice, “Walters” admitted, “I’m afraid retirement didn’t suit me as much as people had hoped, and now that I’m trending on social media with the likes of Korean boyband BTS, climate change activist Greta Thunberg and body-positive songstress Lizzo, I’ve decided to dust off my power suit and get back in the game.”

“Walters” also pitched a new reality show that would follow her daily life and featuring other Hollywood legends including Kirk Douglas and Angela Lansbury. Topics of discussion would include: “global warming, the royals, hip surgery, who farted, and the upcoming presidential election.”

Oteri’s spot-on impression had Cooper — himself an evening news mainstay — doubled over in laughter. He ended up sitting on the floor.

Cooper is known for his uncontrollable giggle fits, which often occur during the RidcuList segment on his CNN show.

It’s probably best if you just watch the whole thing above for yourself above.

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