Ant and Dec speechless over James and Ian’s bushtucker blunder on I’m A Celeb

Ant and Dec are left speechless tonight as James Haskell and Ian Wright make a spectacular blunder during tonight's bushtucker trial.

This evening on I'm A Celebrity, James and Ian are tasked with winning meals for camp by hunting around in the dark among the creepy crawlies.

Wearing hardhats and goggles, the two sportsmen grab their way through the tunnels strewn with webs and other creatures.

The pair struggle to feel for the stars to put in their pouches, but there is a particularly frustrating moment when they are put among the spiders.

Ian goes first into the cramped tunnel and is told to go on his hands and knees to crawl through.

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"I've got you brother," James tells him as he follows him into the dark depths.

Ian tries his best to scrabble around for stars, unknowing that there is one trapped in a wed right in front of his face.

"Is there anything in here?" Ian asks as Ant tries to stifle his laughter.

"Keep talking to me," James tells Ian while Ant suggests that they "feel around".

The star drops to the floor between their legs but both celebs remain oblivious.

Meanwhile outside, Dec shakes his head as Ant mouthes: "You've passed it, you've passed it!"

"Keep going, keep going," James says as Ant smacks a hand over his mouth. 

How many stars will they be able to get?

*I'm A Celebrity airs tonight at 9pm on ITV

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