‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Are Mari Pepin-Solis and Kenny Braasch Still Together or Engaged Now?

Bachelor in Paradise fans have been on quite the ride with Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin-Solis. The reality stars went through some serious drama before solidifying their relationship on the show. But are Mari and Kenny still together or engaged now after filming Bachelor in Paradise 2021? Here’s what you need to know, including major BIP spoilers from Reality Steve.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains potential spoilers about Mari Pepin-Solis and Kenny Braasch from Bachelor in Paradise 2021.]

What happened to Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin-Solis in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2021?

Kenny and Mari saw sparks when they met in the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 premiere. But later, Mari wanted to stay open to the possibility of dates while prioritizing her relationship with Kenny. However, Kenny put the romance on the back burner and pursued something with Demi Burnett. He also told the BIP cast that it was over with Mari. 

Nevertheless, Mari knew she wanted to be with Kenny. So when she expressed how she felt, the reality stars decided to give their relationship another chance. Then when Kenny and Mari went on their first one-on-one date together, they realized they were falling in love. Now, the two are headed for a potential engagement in the Bachelor in Paradise finale.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7 spoilers suggest Mari Pepin-Solis and Kenny Braasch get engaged in the finale

Despite all the drama between Mari and Kenny throughout Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, it seems they decide to take their relationship to the next level. On June 30, Bachelor Nation blogger Reality Steve shared major season spoilers and revealed the three couples that got engaged.

“I know that Kenny & Mari got engaged at the end and so did Riley [Christian] & Maurissa [Gunn],” Reality Steve wrote at the time. “Joe [Amabile] and Serena [Pitt] are engaged. So all 3 couples got engaged at the end.”

Are Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin-Solis still together and engaged now, according to ‘BIP’ spoilers

Reality Steve initially reported the final three Bachelor in Paradise couples back in June. So now, it’s been a few months, and it’s possible someone could have broken up sometime over the past few weeks. But according to the Bachelor Nation blogger on Oct. 5, Mari and Kenny are still together, along with the other two couples.

[Serena and Joe are] definitely still engaged,” Reality Steve wrote. “As are Mari/Kenny & Maurissa/Riley. None of those have changed since filming ended at the end of June.”

As always, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens to Mari and Kenny after the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 finale. But hopefully, they’ll get their happy ending. Stay tuned.

The Bachelorette Season 18 with Michelle Young begins Oct. 19, 2021.

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